Tuesday 14 October 2014


We asked readers to tell us about their fave Cathy Cassidy book… and why! This is what they said…

Agnia says:
At the Edinburgh Book Festival this year I bought the book SUMMER'S DREAM. It was great to hear Cathy talking about the Chocolate Box Girls series, it made it all come alive. This is the first CC book I have actually owned, as usually my books come from the library… so it is very special to actually own the book! It's about a girl called Summer who is offered the chance of a scholarship at a ballet school… something she has been dreaming about her whole life… but the hard work of preparing for the audition begins to spiral out of control until Summer finds herself in the grip of a terrifying obsession. I really recommend this exciting and addicting book!
Becky says:
I want to start off by saying that I didn't just like this book, I absolutely LOVED it! One of the main reasons I love COCO CARAMEL so much is that I adore horses just as much as Coco does, and so the first time I read it I could imagine myself as Coco. Every bit of description became a real image in head - it was a real page-turner for me. That has been the same with all of your books, especially the Chocolate Box Girls series. Coco is so determined and stubborn at times but she fights for what she loves. These qualities reminded me of how I am a bit… I could really relate to Coco's story. It has such an amazing plot and every time I read it, it never fails to amaze me!

Lauren says:
GINGERSNAPS is a superb book. It was the first Cathy Cassidy book I ever read and it definitely did not disappoint. After the first few pages I was hooked - I couldn't put it down. The book is about Ginger Brown, a once friendless girl who falls in with Shannon, a cool, popular girl; life is looking up… until she meets Sam, a saxophone playing outsider. Suddenly Ginger feels like she's drifting away from Shannon… I think Sam was my favourite character - he's so different, and you can't help loving him. The book really gets you thinking about how you shouldn't change for other people, that you should be unique and true to yourself. It also makes you see that you shouldn't judge others by the way they look, as inside they may be totally different. GINGERSNAPS is an amazing book - I'd recommend it to anyone.

Grace says:
ANGEL CAKE is my favourite Cathy Cassidy book. I discovered the book when my Auntie, who lives in England, sent the book to me. My favourite part in the book is when Anya shows Lily the rat and she screams the whole school cafeteria down… that made me laugh! My other favourite part is where Anya and Frankie see Dan wearing angel wings, because I had no idea what was happening at first! It was brilliant. I have also read Indigo Blue and I am asking for the other CC books for Christmas - I can't wait to read more!

Cathy says:
Which is YOUR fave CC book? COMMENT BELOW to tell us… and don't forget to say why!


  1. I'm not sure if I can pick a favourite because all tof Cathy's books are so amazing! Hamdi:)xxx

  2. my fav cathy book has to be Sweet honey!!!! Because it's dramatic and soooo well written!!!! Thanks cathy, I couldn't put it down!!!! Katie xx

  3. OHH! I totally forgot about this! I love Angel Cake too Grace! It's my fave because I just love the way Anya and Dan come together to form this beautiful couple. That and the way that cupcakes just rule the story. It wouldn't be Angel Cake without them! <3

  4. Love all of cc's books especially Gingersnaps as I can relate to it



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