Tuesday 14 October 2014


Ace reporter Emma is back with some top tips on beating stress… read on and let go of all those worries!

Emma says:
Stress. As a girl who just got her Junior Cert results, stress is definitely something I can relate to! That feeling of being frustrated, nervous and mentally overwhelmed all at the same time. However, through an acronym - because let's face it, who doesn't love an acronym - I completely believe that together we can manage stress!

S - Sleep: Sleep definitely takes the 'edge' off stress. Sleep relaxes our over-worked muscles and reduces our cortisol levels… and cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress. Pay attention to your dreams, too… dreams give us an insight into what's really going on in our minds, and may show us that there's a deeper meaning to our stress.

T - Time Management: When we are stressed we feel as if we have no time to get our assigned tasks done; we feel as if we have no time even to breathe. It's important to make time for yourself, even if it's something as simple as sitting down for five minutes and becoming aware of your surroundings. As a result of taking a well-earned breather you will feel more able to handle whatever it is you are going through.

R - Release Your Emotions Healthily: An effective way of dealing with your emotions when stressed is just to let go of all the negative emotions inhabiting your brain. A healthy way of doing this is talking to a trustworthy friend - or even belting out the lyrics of your favourite song! My personal favourite way of letting it all out is to go for a run while having a chat with a friend… exercise and sharing chat rolled into one! By letting your baggage go you will feel as if you've been set free/ Releasing the negative emotions allows the positive ones to come in!

E - Eating Right: When you are stressed and on the go it's all too easy to just grab a chocolate bar for a quick energy fix. However, when you're feeling stressed, comfort eating or letting your health go is probably the worst thing you can do. It has been found that choosing healthy alternatives will give you more energy for longer… and makes you feel better in general. It is also much better for your health in the long run!

S - Staying Positive: When you are stressed, it is easy to get absorbed by your misery. Let's face it, when you feel low, everything seems to go wrong and it can feel never-ending. I find the easiest way to stay positive is to keep your friends close and the playlist of your top feelgood songs closer!

S - Say No When Necessary: When you have a lot on your plate there is no point in voluntarily taking on extra assignments and projects. Why add an extra load to your plate when you can't even cope with the first serving? Even if you are amazingly ambitious and think you can handle it, resist the temptation; focus on what you are working on now and take on extra assignments in the future when you have the time and energy to give it the attention it deserves.

Until we deal again…
Emma xx

Pics above posed by model Lillie

Cathy says:
I love Emma's tips for beating stress… the last point is one I will be trying to keep in mind myself! Do YOU have any suggestions to add? COMMENT BELOW to add your suggestions or tell us if Emma's advice has helped YOU!



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