Saturday 4 October 2014


Reader Emily has always loved diaries and journals… but her latest 'small things' project takes that idea one step further! Find out how you can do the same…

Emily says:
I've kept a diary since I was little, writing about my life and the things that happened to me each day… but as I got older and had less time to sit down and write, the diary writing decreased. I decided recently   that I wanted to pick it up again, but maybe find a way of being able to record memories without having to spend hours writing every detail down! This idea is perfect.

The great thing about my 'Small Things' project is that you don't need a special diary of journal to do it, and you don't have to write every day if you'd prefer not to. You just need a cool notebook and an interest in looking for the good things in life! When choosing a notebook, I always think of the things that interest me most, or see which one draws my attention. What are your interests or hobbies? Favourite colours or patterns? If you can't find one that's right, buy one with a plain cover and draw your own cool doodles onto it!

To make a cool title page, you could write out the title in bubble writing or maybe print the letters and cut them out to collage on. You can add collage or decoupage images if you like, or experiment with paints if you're arty! Then, like I did, decorate it with all the things that 'happy' means to you… smiley faces, swirls, unicorns… it could be anything, because it's your notebook and you can make it whatever you want it to be!

Each night, I use a clean page of my notebook to write a couple of paragraphs or bullet points about the little things throughout the day that made me happy. For example, yesterday I made a new friend who has very similar interests, and this made me really happy and excited to be starting a new year at university. Also, I went for a spontaneous 10.30pm trip to Tesco with my mum last night. It was so spontaneous I just shoved on some clothes over my pyjamas… well, nobody found out! We bought sweets and chocolate, took them back home and ate them in the warm comfort of our living room.

These things are such small, unremarkable moments to look back on, but when I read them again in a few years time, I know that they are moments I will remember with pride and happiness!

Cathy says:
Emily's idea is just brilliant - so simple, yet designed to help you pick out the happy moments from every single day. COMMENT BELOW if you'd like to try it - or if YOU found a different way of looking on the bright side of life!


  1. Sounds like a great idea! Do you keep a diary/journal like this, Cathy?

  2. I used to keep one but like Emily I had less time to write stuff down so thnx for the advice Emily! Smiles Rosiexxx



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