Monday 13 October 2014


School really can be cool… if you approach it the right way! We asked readers to share their tips on taking school in your stride…

Zainub says:
Do things with your friends - like homework, revision or projects - to make the work more fun. You can also customise some of your school supplies to make them feel more personal and encourage you to enjoy school and all that goes with it.

Lucy P says:
Be yourself and don't worry about asking others for help - we all have to do that at some point. Don't act or behave differently for anyone, and do your very best to answer questions for teachers so they know you're trying.

Emily says:
If anyone ever tries to make you feel 'uncool' for putting your hand up and doing the best you possibly can, do NOT listen to them. You'll see in the end how much further you've come compared to the ones who didn't want to learn.

Lucy M says:
Be a teacher's pet! There is no shame in being a model pupil or trying your hardest. If people tease you for it, take no notice - work your hardest and behave well and don't listen to anyone who tries to stop you.

Deborah says:
When you know something is wrong, sort it. It doesn't matter who this involves or how far you have to go - as long as you are doing the right thing, it is totally worth it.

Kiera says:
Just do the best you can! Always try your best and put effort into everything, whether it's class work or making friends. Push yourself as far as you can… nothing is impossible. The word itself actually says 'I'm possible', right? Never forget that!

Chloe says:
Do any homework the day it is set if possible - it will still be fresh in your mind. Leaving homework to the night before it's due in is a sure way to hand in something rushed or second-best, or worse still, forget completely and fall behind as a result. I speak from experience… I left everything to the night before when I was doing GCSEs and I paid the price. Now I am doing A levels and I am doing my homeworks the night they are set - far less stressful.

Aimee says:
Try your best at every subject, even those you dislike or find hard. In fact, try harder at them! Don't listen to anyone who says that studying hard is being a teacher's pet or uncool. It's your life and your future!

Sara says: 
Try your best at school but don't be afraid to ask for help or advice. You have to be educated, but it's not a prison so ask for timeouts if you are very stressed. Don't be afraid to be a teacher's pet - you'll be laughing when you get good grades and those who once laughed at you don't. Never be scared to make mistakes, because mistakes teach you more!

Sophia says:
I was always procrastinating when it came to homework, so it was a big rush when it came to handing it in and I really regretted that. My advice is to get your head down and crack on with homework as soon as you get it.

Lyra says:
School doesn't have to be 'the best days of your life' but it shouldn't be something to dread. Ask for help to sort out problems and make time in every day to have fun with friends. Make room for that alongside the hard work - life isn't all hard slog!

Pics modelled by reader Mariam T; thanks Mariam!

Cathy says:
Loving the common sense advice here… there's something for everyone to learn, and it's all very practical because it comes from YOUR experience! COMMENT BELOW if YOU have some advice to add on helping to make school cool!

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  1. These tips r really good! Adapting to high school from primary school can be a big change but it's honestly so much more fun! + I've made so many lovely new friends, as I joined high school last year + I'm now in yr 8. I recommend that u do ur hw the night u get it! Probably a tip ur bored of hearing but when tests come around and other things, I totally recommend it! Hamdi:)xxx



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