Sunday 12 October 2014


Some of you may know I am campaigning against the closure of ELEVEN lovely, much-loved and well-used Liverpool libraries at the moment. I'm asking people to write love letters to the Liverpool libraries and send them to the Mayor of Liverpool, and I asked you what YOU think about libraries, too. Here are some of your awesome and inspiring replies…

Hazel says:
I love libraries because there is always something interesting you can find, an amazing book that changes your perspective on something or takes you into another world. Libraries are places of discovery. When you find an author whose books you really like, finding another of his/her books is like finding gold. Maybe even better! I am shocked that Liverpool council is planning to shut down not one, not two, but ELEVEN libraries. It is such a waste. There are so many things that you can learn in libraries. You have so much information in your hands, and Liverpool council is taking that away. Yes we have the internet, but is it really the same? I think everyone deserves to have a library nearby, for fun and for learning. I hope Liverpool can be persuaded to change their minds and keep the libraries.

Autumn says:
The library is my natural habitat. I can't believe that Liverpool council is thinking of shutting down ELEVEN WHOLE LIBRARIES. What about the people of Liverpool? Not everyone can afford to buy books; borrowing may be the only way they can get new reading material. What about people who study there? Where else will they find peace and quiet, computers and printers, textbooks and research? Libraries are a necessity and one that no one should be deprived of.

Laura says:
It's safe to say I virtually grew up in a library! I love everything about a library; the atmosphere, the hundreds of bookshelves with books just waiting to be picked up and thumbed through, the smell of the pages, the little crinkling sound of them being turned. When I was little my grandma would take me to the library every Saturday morning with her biggest wheelie trolley and we'd spend hours picking books to read. If the council closes eleven libraries in Liverpool, how can the younger generations learn how amazing reading is? What world do we live in where the simpler and pleasurable things in life are being taken away from us with no fight back? I fought to keep my local library open and it still closed down, but if enough people fight maybe we can save these libraries? Reading is about listening to another person's voice; you hear their thoughts and feelings through the words. The council in Liverpool should listen to their people's voices, and let them be heard too.

Harley says:
Libraries aren't just about entertainment and education, they're an escape. I mean, bullies won't hit you in a library, will they? What about kids who don't have computers and can only access the learning content online? Or when the teacher says, 'no using the internet for this assignment.' What do we do then? These closures will have serious social, academic and economic repercussions for so many people. Libraries have been a huge part of my adolescence… for fun, for education and so many other reasons. I'd hate for that to be taken away from so many people. There is also the argument that closing libraries goes against our human right to education and our right to access information… rights that are meant to be guaranteed, and, most importantly, for everyone.

Elysce says:
I was deeply upset when I heard about the libraries closing and what was worse, my local library is one of the ones that is threatened. I decided that something needed to be done, and that is why I started a petition… in the hope that my favourite place will not be taken away. I have been to some of the protests and spoke at one of them, and even done an interview for Radio City. I really hope we can stop the libraries from closing because so many people care. You can sign my petition here… please do!

Marisa says:
I love my local library. I go with my sister, who is in Year Nine, and we feel at home there because it's warm and there is always something to do. We're in a reading group too. We often go after school because Mum doesn't finish work until after six, so it is quiet place to do homework. I have had books from the library that have literally changed my life, and made me see that there is a big world out there. I have ambitions and dreams that I would never have had except for the library. I am upset for Liverpool that eleven libraries will be closed. What about the people who need those libraries? Don't they matter? I thought the council was supposed to look after the people, not punish them. I hope the libraries will be rescued, because in my opinion it is the children who will suffer.

Cathy says:
Do YOU love libraries? COMMENT BELOW to tell me, or post a selfie with your message of love for the threatened Liverpool libraries over on my Facebook fanpage… 


  1. The council of Liverpool isn't behaving like a council at all! They are meant to do what the people want! To close one library is enough heart break but to close 11! I was shocked when I read this so I signed the petition it is the least that I could do. All the best Rosiexxx

  2. “As a child, going up the steps and through that imposing doorway in to Wavertree Library and then turning right in to the Children's Section was always the beginning of a Great Adventure. Now, as an adult and writer, libraries are still the best source of research material by far." ― Kevin Cowdall (author of ‘Paper Gods and Iron Men’)

    "Closing a public library is child abuse, really, because it hinders child development." ― Alan Bennett

    “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.” ― Neil Gaiman.

  3. Just signed the petition after hearing Cathy speak at the Winchester SCBWI conference at the weekend. All support to you Cathy! Libraries are an essential part of civilisation! Closing a library is the act of a barbarian.

    1. Thank you so much Sally. Felt a lot of support and love for libraries from the SCBWI crew. You are all awesome! xxx



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