Friday 17 April 2015


We talk to readers who attend international schools... and find out what school is like across the world…

Marianne says:
Recently I moved to Tanzania and I go to an international school here. I am finding it hard to adjust but my parents had jobs in Tanzania so I had to come; my school is a boarding school, but I don't board, although I sometimes wish I did! We have a riding stables at the school, and my favourite horse is called Mr Bean! Overall, my classes are OK but I hate Swahili class… Swahili is the language spoke in Tanzania… 'Jambo' means hello, for example! PE is difficult too, as it is so hot here and it can be very hard to concentrate when you are playing volleyball in the full sun and it's thirty degrees! My dad teaches science at the school, and that is a little bit awkward sometimes! My favourite lesson is English and I wish I was better at French and Swahili as it would be cool to be fluent!

Isabelle says:
I go to school in Belgium. We are here because of my dad's work - we tend not to stay in any one country for more than five years so it's a very different way of life. I love my school because everyone here is different and I have friends from several different countries, and I love learning about their lives and their cultures. I board at school, and I think that this helps to make stronger friendships… you are living with your friends, not just studying with them, so you are bound to get close. I guess it is hard moving on every four or five years, but I am used to it now and I keep in touch with friends from my old school. My favourite subjects are Drama, PE and Readers Workshop, and my least favourite subjects are Maths and Music.

Christine says:
I live in Sri Lanka. My dad is white and English is his first language and my mum is Sri Lankan and speaks Sinhalese. They wanted me to improve my English so they send me as a day-pupil to one of the international schools. I love it - you get to meet a lot of people from all around the world and you open your eyes to other cultures and diversity. You learn new languages, visit new places, eat exotic foods and meet and make the best of friends. The only thing I don't like is constantly having to say goodbye when friends from overseas move on again… that can be hard. My favourite subjects include world language and music, and when I grow up my biggest wish  is to travel around the world!

Cathy says: 
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  1. international school sounds fun and it would be cool to make friends from different cultures



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