Saturday 11 April 2015


Finally… my new book is out, and the reviews flooding in tell me that you are loving it! Find out why I wrote LOOKING GLASS GIRL… and why I think YOU will love it, too!

Cathy says:
I first read the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland aged about eight or nine, from my local library. I thought it was a weird, wonderful and fantastical read, and I remember loving the pictures of Alice with her sticky-out dress and wavy hair. I read the book again as a teen and found it was a much darker, spookier read… a little bit scary, even. As an adult, I've collected old vintage copies of my favourite childhood books, and I have several copies of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. When my editor asked if I'd like to write a modern-day story with a link to the original Alice, I jumped at the chance.

This year is the 150th anniversary since the publication of the original Lewis Carroll book, and it was the perfect time to release LOOKING GLASS GIRL. We had a big launch party in Coventry Central Library, one of the libraries I loved as a child; no less than seventeen Coventry libraries are now threatened with closure, so holding the launch there was a little bit of library love. There was a Mad Hatter vintage DJ, a Mad Hatter cake and lots of amazing readers and their families… a few rabbit ears, too! The book was launched in style… and already readers are telling me it's their favourite CC book yet.

What can you expect from LOOKING GLASS GIRL? A dark, gripping story full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last moment. Alice is being bullied at school, so when she is invited to a Wonderland themed party by one of the most popular girls in her year, it feels like a second chance… but can she trust Savvy? Can she trust her old friends, Lainey and Yaz, or even the boy she knew from primary school who stuck by her side when nobody else did? When the party goes badly wrong, Alice finds herself trapped in a surreal world where nothing is as it seems… Who is to blame, and can Alice find her way back? I think you'll like LOOKING GLASS GIRL… grab yourself a copy and get ready to fall down the rabbit hole too!

Have YOU read LOOKING GLASS GIRL yet? COMMENT BELOW to share your views!


  1. I have now decided that it's my favourite book ever written... I like how it's a uniquely styled book with gripping twists and turns that equally make you think! Plus Alice in Wonderland never gets old... Xxx

  2. I've just ordered this book and I'm really excited to read it! I'll write a review on my blog for it once I've finished! :)

  3. I'm definitely going to reserve this book in the library!

  4. I already read it and oh my god, it word - BRILLIANT. You might write a sequel on the 200th anniversary (if that happens or not), but its the best book xxxxx

  5. guess what i got this book in paperback for FREE cos it wasnt supposed to be in the store and it wasnt barcoded!!!!!!

  6. this was honestly one of the best books i have ever read. i bought it and the same day i finished it and i genuinly cried at some parts as throughout the book i felt so connected to alice,lainey,yaz, savvy and erin. would absolutely love it if another book was written about these characters.



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