Tuesday 14 April 2015


Did your school dress up for World Book Day? We talk to readers who took their inspiration from CC characters for their cool costumes…

Ebony says:
I dressed as Scarlett for World Book Day… from the CC book SCARLETT, obviously! Scarlett is one of my favourite books and I thought it would be fun. Scarlett has red hair and O have red dip-dye on the bottom half of my hair, so this made it easier to dress as her! I like Scarlett because she is a bit of a rebel and learns at the end of the book that not everything can be as you want it to be. My mum helped me put the costume together and I bought a new top specially for it. My day was fun, but lots of people were asking who I was, mainly because I had a fake lip piercing instead of Scarlett's tongue piercing… I wasn't going to go that far! Overall, it was great to spend a day dressed as Scarlett!

Edie says:
I dressed up as Coco Tanberry for World Book Day. I chose Coco because when we were told about the non-uniform day I was reading Coco Caramel… it just seemed like a good character to pick! My favourite part of the book is where Lawrie says he will never forget Coco… awww! For my costume, I bought a t-shirt that says 'I love pandas' and a hat. For everything else, I used things I already had. I had a great time!

Carly says:
For World Book Day I chose to dress up as the character Storm, Dizzy's mum from the book Dizzy. I picked Storm because she's a hippie and I think hippies are cool and love the way Storm is described in the book… she's really popular and everyone loves her (except when she is angry!) I chose the clothes I was wearing as I could imagine Storm dancing with the floaty top on and the flowers in the hair just seemed to fit too. It was fun to be a hippie for the day and all my friends loved it! So far the only CC book I've read is Dizzy but I have most of them as my sister has read them!

Cathy says:
Love these costumes… did YOU dress as a CC character for World Book Day? Which character would you dress as if you had the chance? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. How I wish I was still in school and allowed to dress up for World Book Day! I think it would be easy for me to dress up as Joey from Driftwood because I already own a mini kilt, stripy socks and biker boots. I could borrow my brother's school blazer and pin my Slipknot patch over the school logo and I'm pretty sure he has a red tie that I could borrow to wear over my black shirt to complete the whole 'customised school uniform' thing. And I own plenty of black lipstick, of course! As a finishing touch, I have a couple of semi-realistic toy cats that I could carry and pretend they're Itchy and Scratchy (as Krusty is obviously Hannah's cat). Wow, I put a lot of thought into imaginary fancy dress outfits!

  2. I did my best to dress up as Skye from Marshmallow Skye despite the fact that my school probably didn't even realise it was World Book Day so I had to hide my vintage hairpiece and ring/bracelet when certain teachers were around. Funny story that day after school I was walking home with my friends and there were soo many children all dressed up so they were walking with us down a road. Then I hear one child say 'Hey Skye' behind me and after a whole day of no one being able to guess who I am I super enthusiastically turn around to face her only to realise she was trying to get someone else's attention from the other side of the road. Wuite embarrasing but it made the day memorable! :o)

  3. I wish my school did world book day... sadly they don't but I would dress up as skye!!! I would just have to brush my hair so it would go wavy and then go to some charity shops and find some cool skye clothes!! it would be that easy and fun!!

  4. in year six( two years ago) i dressed up as skye (from chocolate box girls) and semi-permanantly died my hair blonde. then the year before i was scarlett(from scarlett) and in year four i was anya (from angelcake) as it was the first cathy cassidy book i ever read.



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