Monday, 13 April 2015


Gracie and Aimear, who were chocolate fairies for me on one of my February tour events, spill the beans on what it's like to help out at a Cathy Cassidy signing…

Gracie & Aimear say:
We were chocolate fairies at Cathy Cassidy's recent event in Milton Keynes and we really enjoyed it! We had not met each other before the event - we had both applied to be chocolate fairies and Cathy thought we might get along, so she gave us both a chance. We had a great day and we have developed a really good friendship and chat often! We love all of Cathy's books and safe to say, she is our favourite author!

At a signing, you can talk to the author about their books and get your copies signed. Chatting about your favourite character to the person who created them can be truly amazing! Asking questions is key and a great way to find out more about your favourite book… it must also give the author lots of ideas! As chocolate fairies, our job was to chat to people in the queue and hand out chocolates. There were bookmarks and samplers too! It was fun and we soon settled into it, and even though we had not met each other before the day we soon began to work as a team. There was no time to be shy! It was good to see the readers meeting Cathy and getting their books signed, and we felt like an important part of the day, helping everything to run smoothly and making sure the readers were happy!

By the end of the signing the two of us were so friendly we decided to exchange phone numbers and now we text all the time and talk about Cathy's books (amongst other things!). Signings are cool, and if you get a chance to be a chocolate fairy, take it! If you want to know where Cathy will be on her June tour, check out the EVENTS link over on her main website, for more details… new dates are added all the time. Gracie and Aimear signing off… until next time!

Cathy says:
Gracie and Aimear were excellent chocolate fairies and I love that they made a firm friendship that day, too! Have YOU ever been a chocolate fairy or been to a CC book signing? Or ANY book signing? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I once went to cathy cassidy book signing in Lichfield theartre and it was a really cool day! I had two books signed in a gold gel pen. After the great day I was asked to write a newsletter article for my school about it! :)

  2. i would love to be a chocolate fairy as my name means fairy and i love books and fairy wings



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