Sunday 12 April 2015


The first reader reviews for LOOKING GLASS GIRL are flooding in… read on to see what the verdict is!

Megan says:
A modern-day retelling of a classic story? Yes please! Looking Glass Girl is such a quirky yet heartfelt story which touches upon the issues of bullying and friendship as well as carrying the theme of Alice in Wonderland throughout the story in such a clever and interesting way. My favourite part of the story was the narrative perspectives; it reminded me of an episode of CSI or Criminal Minds the way that it switched from past to present. The scenes from before Alice's fall were almost like clues to the crime… Although this story is sweet it is actually a lot darker than most CC books, with twists and turns that made me gasp. I definitely recommend picking up a copy - you'll find yourself falling down the rabbit hole with Cathy Cassidy's amazing writing style. You will also fall in love with the gorgeous book cover - I certainly did!
Blue says:
I finished LOOKING GLASS GIRL at 4am… like I could go to sleep without finishing it! When you pick this book up, make sure you have a lot of spare time because you will not be able to put it down once you start reading. From the very start, intrigue grips you; this book contains mystery, shocks, thrills, disbelief and just a dash of romance. Forget the twist ending, this book twists and turns the whole way through! Every time you think you have a character or situation pinned down, there's a twist, however small, and the story veers off in a way you'd never expect. It's so exciting to read. Although it's billed as a 're-imagining' of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland' & 'Alice Through the Looking Glass', this is very much its own story. This book is more surreal than Cathy's previous books. Her writing style switches between first person and third person narrative and also between the past and the present, which gives the book a Wonderland type feel. I love Cathy's descriptions… when she describes a location, you feel like, if you can drag your eyes away from the book, you would find yourself transported there. When she describes a person, you feel as if they are standing right in front of you and you know them well. I'd give LOOKING GLASS GIRL 4.5 jam tarts out of 5… yup, jam tarts are the measurement of choice now. Appropriate, not to mention delicious…

Jess says:
I was drawn in right away… the story really captured me. I know how it feels to drift apart from a best friend, just as Alice does with Lainey and Yaz. Luckily for me, I made new friends, but Alice's situation helped me to see just how serious drifting apart from friends can be; when you end up on the outside looking in and become isolated. I love how LOOKING GLASS GIRL drifts between everyday narrative and Alice's dreams… it creates a sense of unreality, and you start to share Alice's thoughts and feelings too. The element of surprise at the end was a great twist too… I cried at that bit, it is so powerful!

Cathy says:
Awww! The reviews so far are looking good… what will YOU think? Grab a copy of LOOKING GLASS GIRL and find your own Wonderland! COMMENT BELOW to share your own reviews of the new book...


  1. This book sounds amazing! I really hope my copy comes through the post soon so I can read it! :)

  2. I have read this book just today, it is addictive! It made me cry at one moment because it reminds a bit of what I've been through and it was also an especially moving part of the book. 10 out of 10 Blondie xx ;)

  3. This book was amazing I could really relate to the character, the billing, her insecurity, the empathy and sympathy she showed towards others, all off it.
    - The shy girl

  4. I am so missing being in your looking glass :-) !

  5. I just finished (and got) the book a couple of hours ago and it was amazing!id love for there to be a sequel!!!



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