Monday 6 April 2015


Another in our series all about growing up in a different decade… we talk to Karen, who was a teenager in the 70s/80s!

Karen says:
Selfies? We had Friendies… and Photoboothies! Yep, this might have been back in 1979 (when I was fifteen or sixteen) but me and my friend Jan (pictured with me here) and my other buddies were just as thrilled with a new top, hairstyle or amazing nail polish colour as my thirteen year old daughter and her friends are now!

OK, so Selfies weren't the thing, but that's because we handed our cameras over to our friends and THEN posed like crazy (saved having achey arms, I can assure you.) And photobooths were a ton of fun, too, on a Saturday afternoon in town. We'd go to a cafe afterwards and snigger over the bad ones, usually drawing moustaches and cross eyes on them before scrunching them up and chucking them in the bin. Kind of wish we'd kept them too…

Cathy says:
LOVE this! I'm not far off being the same age as Karen, so lots of this is very familiar… including the whole photobooth thing, and the fab gothic style in the pics! These days, Karen McCombie is a super-successful author… try her ANGELS NEXT DOOR series from Puffin, you'll love it! Would YOU have liked being a teen in the 70s/80s? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. UMMM
    well I would and wouldn't 'cos we will miss out in all the interesting kid stuff today!!!!!!!!! But I would to see how it was like in the past!!!! :)



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