Tuesday, 21 April 2015


More fab reviews for my new book LOOKING GLASS GIRL… have YOU read it yet?

Cathrine says:
LOOKING GLASS GIRL is a young adult book… I am reading it because my niece is, so that we can chat about it. But I keep forgetting that, as the book pulls me in! It is a book about what it is like to be a young adult; how the friends you love and trust turn their backs on you and how perhaps the only way to find your way back to true friendship is to find, not them, but you. Yourself. It's a book about losing friends, loneliness, bullying, wanting to fit in, jealousy, guilt, love, forgiveness and standing up for yourself. And compassion! A book that mirrors what it is like to be a teen, while offering comfort and advice. I love it! If you know someone aged 10-16 (or 44…) this would be a perfect gift! 5/5.

Deborah says:
Wow. That's the only word I could think of to describe this book when I'd finished it. LOOKING GLASS GIRL is a perfect example of why I love Cathy Cassidy's books so much. They literally define the feeling of reading. This story is by far the best story based on a classic ever told - the character of Alice is absolutely amazing and I can relate to how she feels, what she does and how she sees the world. It left me totally inspired. The story had all the elements of the classic book but it still had me on the edge of my seat (well, bed!) desperate to know what happened next! I want everyone I know to read LOOKING GLASS GIRL… it's just so brilliant!

Charlotte says:
I got LOOKING GLASS GIRL last week and read it as soon as I got home. I was excited to read it, because Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland story has always fascinated me, with all the different characters and their personalities. I was interested to see what Cathy would do with the inspiration of this book. LOOKING GLASS GIRL was very emotional - I admit, I might just have shed a few tears! It made me think that what happened to Alice could happen to anybody… just because of an argument, because of jealousy. I was so relieved when the book had a happy ending… at some parts I was really anxious. I loved LOOKING GLASS GIRL - it's a book I will be reading over and over again.

Aleesha says:
Falling down the rabbit hole… or in love with a new book, at the very least. Does it make a difference? Both involve a journey into a new world, and Cathy Cassidy does not disappoint with her revitalised tale inspired by the classic Alice in Wonderland. In a modern parallel to the original story, Alice is abandoned by her best friends when they leave her for high-school paragon Savannah. When Savannah invites her to a Wonderland-themed sleepover, to make amends, things go badly wrong and Alice falls into a coma… and into Wonderland. It's up to her former friends and the boy-next-door to help bring her back. As an older teen, this book brings back Cathy Cassidy related nostalgia almost as strong as the Lewis Carroll-inspired nostalgia I feel for the original book. I recommend this book for older readers - it's good to embrace old memories - and younger readers too, as it's brilliant to make new ones! As for Cathy Cassidy - top hats off to you, ma'am, another brilliant book!

Cathy says:
Thanks for the fab feedback, folks! I am so happy LOOKING GLASS GIRL is doing well and causing a stir… exciting! Have YOU read it yet? COMMENT BELOW to post your reviews!


  1. Sorry, I noticed a few errors. In Cathrine's section, I think "fin" is meant to be 'find'. Also, what an unusual name! I'm more used to the Catherine spelling. In Charlotte's section, I think it should say 'that what happened to Alice'. The 'what' isn't there and it doesn't really make sense without it. And, in Aleesha's section, it says "inpsired". I know you can work that one out. More late night editing? Or are you deliberately putting errors in posts to keep me on my toes? My tutors did that upon finding out about my uncontrollable urge to correct spelling and grammatical mistakes. My bad, I suppose.

    1. Thanks Ms Blue! Corrected now. (I hope!) No, I am not setting mistakes to keep you on your toes… I am just overworked and overtired and type a bit faster than I can spell. Cathrine is not British but lives in Scandinavia, that particular spelling is correct! You're a star, your input always much appreciated. xxx

  2. i love the looking glass girl it is amazing! I think it is one of cathys best books if you havn't read it you should read it asap it is brill.

  3. i got looking glass girl for free in paperback cos it wasn't barcoded or meant to be in the store its a good book! its cute and funny but with a darker side too...

  4. I LOVED Looking-Glass Girl!!!! I was in tears at the part were Lainley and Yaz turn their back on Alice and start bullying her, but I started to like Savvy towards the end. And it's soooo cute when Alice and Luke kiss! :)

  5. I was crying for an entire week when this came out as I couldn't find it anywhere, 9 pounds later and a trip I tot own id got it and finished it in a day



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