Friday 14 August 2015


Reader Daisy's amazing poem written from the viewpoint of a cyberbully is both powerful and thought-provoking… read on and see!


You can't hide from the story that is your life.
Every day is a new page;
Every day that page is ripped up.
Then every day, I regret ripping up that page.

My life is a mess, it always has been.
My family are broken, and so am I.
I need a way to fix the pieces, so I take it out on someone else.

My life has been ruined, so why not ruin someone else's?
It's not as if they know who I am, so nobody will find out.
I just type what I hear at home, so surely it's not that bad?

Words are my prison, they trap me every day.
The words I use, the words I hear, I just can't get away.
They trap me wherever I go.

I use these words to scare others.
I know it isn't right.
But sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me, right?

OK, I know I'm doing wrong.
But wrong is the story of my life.
One day I'll find another way to let out my anger.
But for now…
I must press send.

Fabulous artwork by reader Marina… many thanks!

Cathy says:
I love this… Daisy's poem gives a really heartbreaking insight into the mind of a cyberbully. Have YOU ever been targeted by an online bully? What advice would you give on beating the trolls? COMMENT BELOW to have your say, or to comment on the poem!


  1. that was amazing, and i didn't know cyberbullies feel like that!!!

  2. That was a very good poem, I like the idea of writing from that point of view as well, well done! Also, I think that poem has a really strong message...

  3. That is an amazing poem!!

  4. Awesome poem! If you are bullying someone online, you should stop-if you are hurting, try to tell a trusted adult, don't take it out on other people! And if you are being bullied online, tell someone, don't suffer in silence is my advice!



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