Friday 7 August 2015


Readers tell us a little about their trademark styles…

Meg says: 
I'm thirteen and I would describe my style as quite retro but versatile too. I like to be unique in the way that I dress, and my style has been evolving since I was very young. I have always been interested in fashion and O enjoy sketching my own designs in my spare time. I am not an overly confident person, but when it comes to the way I dress I do like to stand out from the crowd. I like to shop in vintage boutiques and one of my favourite style finds was a vintage blouse that I bought recently. I am inspired by clothes from the 50s and also the 90s, but I like to mix and match different styles and make them my own. Sometimes people do react to the way I dress, but I guess the reaction depends on the person! In the picture, my outfit is mainly black, but I have brightened it up with a pink and black zebra print cardigan and my Vonda Dr Martens which I have jazzed up by adding red and white ribbons. I am also wearing a black lace choker. My style dreams are to have my own fashion boutique one day where I can share my designs with others.

Emily says:
My style is influenced mainly by the 1960s. I love long, floaty beads and white Mary Quant type dresses… but bright 1960s prints are cool too! It goes beyond the clothes, too… I have posters of John Lennon, The Doors and Andy Warhol images and my fave bands are Pink Floyd, The Doors and the Beatles. I go to all kinds of shops to add to my collection. One favourite is a shop called The People Tree, but sometimes I find things I like in well-known, mainstream shops like Monsoon or M&Co. My influences come mainly from people like John Lennon and Pink Floyd who were style icons of the time. I am happy to go out and about in my brightest, strangest outfits and I ignore any strange looks. If you wear anything unusual that's not part of the current fashion, carry on being brave and love your own style. I am not saying that the latest fashions aren't very good - they can look amazing, but it's just that not everybody suits the same on-trend look. We all have clothes that suit us, and styles that we love. You just have to find yours!

Saffron says:
Well I don't know if this is quirky or interesting enough, but I don't really fit in with the regular style at my school. There are the populars… and then there's me, the girl with droopy dark hair, badges covering every inch of her blazer and a weird backpack. I was in town today, wearing a majestic unicorn tee and bright pink jeans with Harry Potter and Pokemon patches and badges all over; I also had my plushy dragon backpack. I saw some of the girls from school and they were laughing at my shoes (today they were pink and green Converse). I asked what the problem was and they didn't answer, so I then said, 'Oh puuurlease don't make a big thing of this, it will get worse next school year, I have MORE badges…' I then proudly strode away after tripping gracefully over my shoelace. Ah well!

Cathy says:
I love these accounts… from girls who follow their own style and do it proudly! Do you like their fashion choices? Do YOU stand out from the crowd? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more or to volunteer for a future feature!


  1. I love fashion and I hope to be a fashion designer when I am older. It would be awesome to be part of a fashion post on dreamcatcher! I could do something similar to this post or perhaps talk about design? :)

  2. I'm vintage mad. my favourite decade was probably the 50s. I have plenty of vintage style , but sadly no real vintage. my hair reaches to my waist, which means I can wear it down or do vintage hairstyles and even when it is down I look fitted well with the look. sometimes I paint my lips deep red and my style icons are Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn because they were very pretty and kind and graceful and stylish. I love vintage so much because it is cool and unique and I never keep up with the trends because usually I hate them, so it shows you can look cool and stay outdated! you can stand out from the crowd and not be noticed, too - being me, I think that's wonderful!

  3. I've always have had a hint of rocker in me....
    Emma ;)

  4. I don't really tend to follow fashions- I wear whatever clothes I want to when it suits me.
    I love Dr Marten boots: I have a bright red pair at the moment, and I am a little gutted, because they are so comfy but have developed HUGE holes where they are slowly and steadily parting company with the be honest, they must be around ten years old, and I do wear them virtually all of the time. I'll be sad when they have to go...
    I guess I am a little alternative: I dress in a lot of black and I love punky and Goth type clothes and dye my hair brightly coloured. I also love styles from the 1980s and early 1990s, where everything was lycra and neon coloured...

    And yes, I do proudly wear my shiny royal blue leggings around the town!

  5. My style is a mix between vintage (generally 1950s kind of style), fairy princess and just Eleanor!



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