Monday 3 August 2015


Reader Evie was hooked from the moment she began to read FORTUNE COOKIE… read her gorgeous review here!

Evie says:
Picnics, beach parties, bonfires, fairy lights and chocolate festivals… I would be over the moon if I found out I had a handful of half-sisters living in a big Victorian house on a cliff in Somerset! This is just what Jake Cooke discovers, and how he comes to spend a summer at Tanglewood.

Jake Cooke (Cookie) receives a letter from Honey Tanberry, bold and beautiful but with a dangerous streak. She tells him that they're half-siblings, and that their dad is pretty useless as dad's go because he had an affair with Cookie's mum whilst still married to Honey's mum. Jake doesn't believe this at first, but when his family are threatened with eviction because of an accident Jake is responsible for, his world begins to crumble around him. Cookie thinks that the only solution is to find his real dad, Greg Tanberry, now living the high life in Australia, and ask for his help. And the half-sisters can help him to do that!

Honey, Summer, Skye, Coco and Cherry are all very welcoming and supportive of Cookie when he turns up unannounced at Tanglewood, but things take a turn for the worse when Paddy and Charlotte discover he is a runaway. A late night Skype call to Cookie's dad and a sudden thunderstorm make matters worse still, and a dramatic and dangerous night ends with two very unlikely characters finally making their peace and perhaps building the start of a friendship. Cookie has some explaining to do when his mum, her boyfriend and his little half-sisters turn up, but the book's ending is a wonderful whirl of excitement, drama and happiness and every one of the Chocolate Box Girls gets her own happy ending.

FORTUNE COOKIE is a whirlwind of love, family, friends, fallouts, loss, finding, acceptance… and chocolate! It os the top book on my recommendation list for anyone who loves to sit with a blanket and a smoothie and escape for a few hours into the world of the Chocolate Box Girls. Or in this case… Chocolate Box Boy!

Cathy says:
Yay! So glad you liked the book, Evie… it was an emotional one to write, as I knew it would be the last in the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series. Will YOU be putting FORTUNE COOKIE on your summer reading list? Post below or email your fab pics of you with the book!


  1. I haven't read Fortune Cookie yet! It looks really great - I have been following this series since Cherry Crush was first released and now I need to know how it all ends! Awesome review :-)

  2. I thought this last last book of the series was brilliant! Will there be any more short e-books for the series though? I'd love to see just one more e-book! :)

  3. yeah, ash hasn't had a story yet and every other chocolate box boyfriend (and two best friends!) has had one! and please say that cctv vlogs will continue - the sweet honey storyline hasn't finished yet! I wonder what books there will be after the chocolate box girls...

    1. I agree! Although the main story was finished up really well there were some small details that could have been put into an e-book. Fingers crossed! :)

    2. update: cathy is releasing a book called life is sweet on guy fawkes day! it includes all of the shorts, including a never before seen book called hearts and sunsets - ash's story! yay, our wish has come true, so you can uncross those fingers now!:) honestly I just looked up snowflakes and wishes on amazon, and the e-book and life is sweet came up. well, some of the best things are found by accident, I suppose. and cathy did say they were to be in print in autumn 2015 in a blog post a while back, so not far off autumn! wait, it is autumn right now... from: the same person that replied to your last comment. :)

    3. Yay! I had heard that there was going to be a book of all the e-book shorts but I had no idea that there would be a new story in it! That's great! Thanks so much for letting me know! I'm really excited to read it! It'll probably be set on guy fawke's day/bonfire night if it comes out that day! I wonder if Cathy is writing a new book series? :D

    4. by the way I saw your dreamcatcher post and I love your blog! :)

    5. oh I almost forgot name's lucy and I'd love to have a blog like your one day, megan!

    6. Hi Lucy! Thank you very much! I'm really glad that you like my blog! :D



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