Monday 31 August 2015


Skye Tanberry has been looking into the future again… will her predictions for your September be spot-on or totally off the mark? You decide!

VIRGO: Big changes are in store for Virgo readers this month… it's time to decide what you really want from the year ahead, and take control!

LIBRA: Something is coming to an end this month… a friendship, a hobby, a romance. If you're the one making the break, be kind but firm - better things lie ahead.

SCORPIO: You've been working your socks off lately, and reaping the rewards… but make time for fun and friendship too. Life works best when work and relaxation are balanced!

SAGITARRIUS: September heralds a time of hard work for you. Don't resent it… see it as a path to future success, and you'll be unstoppable!

CAPRICORN: You were born to dream big - and achieve those dreams - but something in your personal life is holding you back right now. Time for a re-think?

AQUARIUS: Worry has been plaguing you lately - let go of the fears and trust that things will be fine. Some money may be coming your way… spend it wisely!

PISCES: Romance is in the air… could this be the month to stop dreaming about your crush and starting smiling and chatting instead?

ARIES: There is one aspect of your personality you've been wanting to change or improve for a while; this is the time to do it. Make a plan and carry it out… happy new you!

TAURUS: Things has been a little rocky for you recently… but that's about to change. See what you can learn from all the ups and downs, and move on swiftly!

GEMINI: You're in a mischief making mood this month… be careful not to act without thinking and hurt the people who really care about you. Look before you leap!

CANCER: Ambition is driving you right now, and that's great… but make sure you keep hard work balanced with fun. Plan a timetable of what you want to achieve and things will run more smoothly!

LEO: If you've been struggling a little, fear not - friendship, social life, school work and family are looking good right now. Enjoy the positives!

Cathy says:
Will Skye's predictions come true for you? Or is it just a bit of fun? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I wish, wish, wish that mine could be true!

  2. Hi everyone! Feminism post on my blog. Please check it out and comment!

  3. I am begging the star signs for mine to be true!



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