Tuesday 18 August 2015


It's almost the end of the summer holidays. Bored? Here are twenty awesome ideas to make your day extra amazing!

1. Start learning a new language… or a musical instrument!
2. Make a list of your hopes and dreams...
3. … then make a plan for how you can make them happen!
4. Play your favourite music - and dance!
5. Bake cookies for a friend or family member…
6. Wash up/ hoover/ tidy your room… your family will be impressed!
7. Visit an elderly relative and have a catch up over tea and cake!
8. Write a letter (by hand!) for a friend you never see anymore…
9. Go for a swim!
10. Curl up with a book and a smoothie in the back garden…
11. Make a vlog review of your fave CC book - and send it to Cathy!
12. Grab a camera and take pics of your best pals!
13. Take a bicycle ride to the countryside or through the park…
14. Learn a poem by heart - or write one!
15. Write a letter to the Prime Minister about an issue that you care strongly about…
16. Sort out your wardrobe and bring a bag of cast-offs to the charity shop…
17. Tell your family that you love them!
18. Smile at someone who looks sad…
19. Go a whole evening without internet!
20. Watch the stars at night!

Cathy says:
Which of these will YOU try? COMMENT BELOW with your favourite feelgood things to do!


  1. Is that your daughter in the top left hand picture? After I had coffee with you, me and my mum were talking about how pretty she is- and how much she looks like you :) xx

  2. Great ideas! I might try some out before I have to go back to school again! Number 5 and 9 are my favourites! I love baking and swimming! :D

  3. One thing I know for sure is that I'll NEVER EVER be able to do number 19, not ever!!! The internet is like my life; I just can't live without it!!!! :-)

  4. It might also be an idea to start making sure you have all the things you need for school. I was always known for leaving my stationery buying until the last minute when I needed paper and pens to actually do my schoolwork! I used to plan an end-of-summer-holiday party for my friends: usually we would go bowling or have a picnic in the park and make the most of the last of the summer weather. :)

  5. huge fan i love you book i have an anonymous blog would mean the world i you could maybe share it!



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