Thursday 6 August 2015


Two CC readers share their reviews on LOOKING GLASS GIRL…

Evie says:
I've just finished LOOKING GLASS GIRL - I must have read it in about two days! Recently I have been struggling to find a book I really connect with, but when I saw this book on the shelf I had to have it, because all of Cathy's books I absolutely love. I was not wrong about this book - every single bit was so interesting - at the end of each page you HAD to read on! I loved the format, and that you could see the story from different viewpoints; I also loved the snippets of Alice in Wonderland as it all liked up to what was happening in the story. I loved the relationships between each character and how the story built and built to finally reveal how Alice had fallen. I admired Alice for being so strong throughout the story; just before she fell she spoke up for herself and said what was on her mind, which I loved. I absolutely loved this book!

Elizabeth says:
As soon as I started reading LOOKING GLASS GIRL, I was drawn in, as if I was at school with Alice, watching as Yaz and Lainey left her to be friends with Savvy and Erin. I held my breath when the bullying started. After an awful accident at the sleepover party with Yaz, Lainey, Savvy and Erin, Alice ends up in a coma, lost in her own wonderland. I loved being able to see things from different viewpoints; the chapters rotate, focussing on different characters and events. We see Alice's family, trying to cope with her accident; Savvy and her friends, persuading themselves they are not to blame for the accident, and we glimpse Alice's past and see how her friend with Lainey and Yaz went wrong. We also see Alice struggle to escape from Wonderland, from her coma, and sometimes the things she hears affect her dreams. For example, when Luke visits her, he becomes the Mad Hatter in Wonderland. At the end, there's a real twist…not everyone is who we thought they were, and Alice becomes close friends with someone we may least expect her to. I absolutely love the book and rate it five stars… I wouldn't change a thing!

Illustration by reader Elizabeth… LOVE it, Elizabeth, thank you!

Cathy says:
Wow, more lovely reviews… thank you, guys! Have YOU read LOOKING GLASS GIRL yet? COMMENT BELOW to give your verdict!


  1. The best thing about Looking Glass Girl is the most popular girl in school is actually really nice. In most books, including Gingersnaps by our very own Cathy Cassidy, the popular girl is horrible and mean, like they come from a teenage movie. Savvy is a nice kid, and although she used Alice to get to Dex, generally she is kind. That's what I love!

  2. The rotation of the chapters is definently catchy... its what made me want to keep reading. The characters were beautifully formed; their personality's, style and looks were very well done.
    Its a definite should read, i give it 10/10!

  3. I got this book for my birthday because I am a huge Cathy Cassidy fan and I loved it I thought it was really suspenseful.



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