Monday 24 August 2015


Reader Aine, like thousands of other readers, is preparing to start secondary school for the first time. What is she expecting… and how will she cope? Read on to find out!

Aine says:
When I left Year Six I was really upset - it felt like I'd grown up at that school and I was leaving all my teachers behind. It was exciting too, oddly, because there was this real feeling that new opportunities were opening up, and that I had my whole life ahead of me. I am quite nervous of getting lost at my new school… we've had taster days, but I know that I'll still get muddled that first week! I am very excited to make new friends. My old primary is a feeder school to the secondary, so plenty of people I know will be there, but I will meet lots of new people too I hope!

I love shopping, so choosing the uniform was fun. It's very smart, but my brother, who is already at the school, says it's very hot to wear in the summer. The school I am going to is very strict on appearance - knee length skirts, flat shoes and no make up. Having said that, I actually feel very grown up in my uniform! It helps in a way that my brother will be around, but he says I'm not allowed to hang around with some people… and he's very OTT with the way I dress and talk, and how I act, in case I embarrass him. I can't wait to annoy him and his friends, lol!

I am especially looking forward to art, drama, PE, maths and science lessons… though I don't think I'll be as keen on PE once the winter sets in! When the weather is good I will be able to walk to school (with THE BROTHER!) but in winter we will have to catch a bus, because it gets dark much earlier then. Mum and Dad have said they'll be getting a drone to follow me there and back, but I think they're joking!

One thing I have promised my parents is not to get lost in the new craze of social media where everyone is posting pictures online with pouts and duck-face and all that. Some people seem more interested in that than in real life and learning, so I don't want to fall into that trap. We had homework over the school holidays to describe ourselves, and I made a picture… the blob of bright colours represents me - messy, mixes well, colourful, all over the place, random, warm and stands out! There is lots of symbolism in the picture, everything means something! I made the picture by experimenting with a pack of wax crayons and a hairdryer!

So… I'm starting school very soon, and I know lots of other kids around the country are in the same boat. Good luck to all - my parents say these are the best years of your life, so let's make them memorable and do our very best!

Cathy says:
Aww… this is an awesome account of the run-up to starting a new school! Good luck to you too, Aine… I am sure it will be awesome! Were YOU nervous about starting secondary? COMMENT BELOW to tell us why!


  1. I was very nervous but that was many years ago so don't worry aine mummy and daddy will be close by (drone) haha good luck princess and good luck to everyone else starting or going back x

  2. When I was about to start secondary, last year, I was ridiculously nervous and now I could even laugh at my old self! Trust me, it's not as daunting as you think it is. Good luck everyone!!

  3. I started secondary school today and believe it or not after all my nerves and excitment it was actually fine!!! Good luck to everyone else starting!!!



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