Tuesday 18 August 2015


Readers discuss the pros and cons of books versus e-readers… which would YOU choose?

Emily says:
For me, it would have to be books. I like having a physical copy of what I'm reading. I like the feel of the pages, the whole experience…

Ruth says:
I love the smell of a new book, but Kindles are good for saving weight when you're packing to go on holiday…

Hazel says:
I agree. I prefer books most of the time, but when travelling, downloading books onto a phone or tablet is much easier and lighter too. I always have a couple downloaded and ready in case I'm ever out and have to wait for something. Real books do smell nicer and are probably better for your eyes! You can be completely submerged in the plot, too, whereas a phone is constantly pinging to let you know someone liked your picture on Facebook! With real books you become part of the story, you feel it…

Kym says:
I love both! My Kindle for discovering new indie authors and for when I'm too impatient tp get to a bookshop or order a book. Or if they have the book I want on a 99p special offer! With some authors, I own both. I'm on holiday next week, and I'll be packing my Kindle!

Marija says:
Books are the real thing, though. Screens cannot beat that feeling of having a book in your hands, and the sweet scent of the pages… if feels much more comfortable, more personal. When a story touches you, you can touch it back by holding a physical copy of a book you love!

Sasha says:
Yes, books for me too. There is just a feeling you get from holding a paper-created book in your hands, slipping through the pages to gain the story, as well as that new-book smell, of course. Kindles are handy, but nothing beats a book.

Davina says:
Both. Kindles fit perfectly in my bag without the heaviness and space usage of a thick book. But on a relaxing evening, nothing beats being curled up in the lounge with a book; turning the pages adds to the romance and the suspense!

Andrea says:
Books. I have tried liking my Kindle but it just isn't the same… you don't get the feel, the smell or the look a book can give you. You can't shop for a Kindle book in the same way as you do a real book… I love to browse the shelves and see what takes my fancy. There's something about being in a bookshop and seeing a whole row of the same book… I think it's a nostalgic memory of going to the headmistresses office and choosing a new reading book! I have a Kindle somewhere but I seldom use it and it always runs out of charge!

Chloe says:
Well, I like both. Kindles are brilliant for travel and they save space - you don't have to store books in your room. I'm on my Kindle now!

Gemma says:
I do love my Kindle, but nothing can replace books! I love the smell of them, too, and I like to see my collections grow bigger and bigger on my bookshelf!

Kate says:
Books… you don't need wifi to read them and if they somehow get run over by a tank (a Blue Peter experiment by the way!) you can still read them! I rest my case!

Cathy says:
Well, it's books for me too… but I am happy for people to read any which way they want to… as long as they're reading! What do YOU prefer? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I like books best! I love my kindle, but I much prefer to actually hold the book and turn the pages. Kindles can be really useful though, especially if your going on holiday. :)

    1. you took the words right out of my mouth! :)

  2. I don't really care whether I'm holding the actual book or reading it digitally, at least I get the book to read both ways! Though I do agree, the smell of an actual book is reading heaven and having it digitally reduces the weight of things. Or if I was to be honest to the absolute point of being honest, I prefer e-readers because you don't have to get up from your comfortable position in order to get another book once you've finished the first one, you can just browse for a book you want to read with just a few simple swipes and there you have it . . . another book to read without having to get out of your comfortable position - simply perfect!

  3. I love real books, obviously, and own an extensive collection but my kindle is a lifeline. I have a problem with my hands and get a lot of pain and have no feeling in them so holding most books is definitely a challenge! I will never argue that kindles are better but they're easier to transport too. However a kindle can never look as good as a.floor to ceiling bookshelf!

  4. I love to have a book to hold in my hand but a kindle is handy on holidays because it saves space and weight.I also love to go in and browse in a book shop and be able to pick up a book that looks interesting and read its blurb but on a kindle you kind of have to know what book you want to buy because its very hard to browse.I love the smell of new books and the smell in a bookshop. I could spend hours in a bookshop but its very hard to look at books on your kindle.The problem with bringing kindles on holiday is that they are not water proof so if your kindle falls into the pool or the sea its gone and it costs a lot of money but if that happens to your book your can just get another one.

  5. I don't even own a Kindle and am very backward in technology, so it would have to be book for me!

  6. It's books for me! I love reading a story off pages and losing myself in it via away, reading on a tablet isn't the same for me! Hamdi:)xxx

  7. It has to be books, they are perfectly well, perfect!

  8. I just can't read from a kindle. If I try I can't get into the story. And it's kinda weird not turning pages. I could definitely not live without books

  9. I love a good old fashioned book, and I prefer reading stories from the ink and paper than from a screen. I do read eBooks from undiscovered and hobby writers on Wattpad, because you often can't get them in paper back form.

  10. I love getting a new book physically, but kindles are great and less weight, not to mention you can also play games on some types and then go back to a book!



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