Friday 21 August 2015


Reader Katie shares a story of friendship, fun and loyalty… and it all started on the internet!

Katie says:
I know everyone says their best friend is special, but mine is a little different - we met on the internet! We came across each other on Instagram through our shared love of the TV programme Doctor Who. I'd made an account and was fairly new to Instagram, and Laura was one of my first followers. Our friendship grew through simple comments on photos and gradually we started talking more and more. I've always been careful about talking to strangers online, but when I first 'met' Laura I thought, give this girl a chance. I knew how to be safe, and both of us were too smart to give away any details about our real lives. We didn't need to anyway, as we were just chatting about our favourite TV show! After six months or so we were talking on Skype and decided to face-call each other. With our parents' permission, we did so - and it was amazing to talk face to face after texting for so long.

It turned out that Laura's school was pretty near to where I lived, and we began to joke about meeting each other one day. I don't think either of us believed it would happen, but we slowly realised that there was actually nothing to stop us from meeting up. So, after a lot of deliberations, our parents talked and decided they would let us meet. All my friends thought it was amazing that I had such a good friendship with someone I first met online, and now that we have met twice in real life I can safely call her my best friend in the whole world. I've been to her house now, and we have met a few times now and even been on a camping trip!
Laura says:
I remember getting a message on Instagram from Katie asking if we could perhaps be internet besties. I very nearly said no because of internet safety, but I didn't thankfully! The first time we met I was very nervous. I remember waking up really early and not being able to sleep, but it all went well and we have met several times now and it has just been amazing. We've got matching 'best friend' necklaces and I haven't taken mine off since I got it! I haven't had a friend who has always been there for me before… love you so much Katie! And who could have guessed it would all start off over the internet?

Cathy says:
It's great to read a happy, positive story of a friendship that started over the internet! Do YOU have an interesting or unusual best friends story? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I recently started talking to someone over the internet and I would consider us very close friends now. She sent me a friend request on Facebook because of a comment I put on a page that she thought was funny so I wasn't expecting us to be great friends but the more we spoke, the more common ground we were able to find - we both adore cats, we both live in Scotland, we both have younger brothers who are the same age, we both love cookies and pastries (maple pecan plaits especially), we both find silly puns funny and we have similar personalities only she's much nicer, obviously. Our birthdays are only 5 days apart. We speak every day now and we send each other videos of our cats being nutcases. If something funny happens or I'm feeling down, she's the first person I tell and she keeps me up to date on her life too. So we've never met (although we will at some point), that doesn't mean we can't be great friends! It's one of the great things about the age of technology. Sure, there's dangers and you should always be careful, especially if you decide to meet up, but there's no reason you can't use the internet to find wonderful friends with similar interests and compatible personalities. Sometimes people forget that social media is intended to connect people.

  2. I have many friends over the internet. Sadly most of them live in America!

  3. I met my internet best friend on Twitter, when both of us were going through a hard time. We helped each other through it, and still talk now. I doubt I will ever get to meet her though, because she lives in the Maldives, and it's a long way to travel from the UK...



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