Monday 10 August 2015


More successful adults share the messages they'd like to pass on to their teenage selves…

Don't worry about being a little different in regards to where you passions and attentions lie. The fact that you sit on the doorstep reading instead of lingering in the park with the other kids is not a terrible thing. People will see value in it one day. They'll remember that instead of worrying about having a brand-name lipgloss, you stood in the corridor holding a typewriter produced novel you'd spent weeks pouring your heart into. Even though you don't have the 'popular' haircut, others will remember you had the longest blonde hair in the year (and the longest fringe, thanks to Mum!) Although you're anxious, frantically re-doing your grease-slicked foundation in the Prefects' toilets, you'll eventually take a deep breath and stop caring about the fact you've inherited your father's chin. Your style will settle, though it will stay quirky and they'll find you a curious and intriguing creature as a result. The little things you worry about don't matter in the end. Keep reading those books and sketching by candlelight. And try not to kiss Daniel C on the way home from school… he's a joker and a fool and entirely not worth it.
Karla, author, artist and model

Think about yourself first and foremost - you are beautiful inside and out! Put yourself and your future at the top of the list and ignore those who do not care for you. Be happy - life is short, so dream every day and make your dreams come true!
Valerie, librarian

It's not your fault and you are not alone. Please tell someone… anyone… as what is happening is wrong. You are beautiful and worth just as much as the next person. You are not thick or stupid. You have dyslexia… it's fine. Start believing in yourself. You are stronger and smarter than you give yourself credit for.
Sarah, campaigner, performer, writer

Communicate with your parents as much as you do with your friends - and leave the mobile in your pocket! Share your thoughts with the person next to you, and listen too… they have things to say as well.
Richard, musician & US military

You really will meet someone, and he'll be amazing. PS: practice the piano, and consider learning the guitar!
Sheila, broadcaster, journalist, poet

Yes, you are. And no, it isn't wrong.
Danni, anti-austerity activist

Cathy says:
These messages have got me thinking about what I might say to my thirteen year old self. What would YOU say? Or what do you wish someone older and wiser would tell you right now? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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