Wednesday 26 August 2015


It's agony aunt time again on DREAMCATCHER and reader Ana has a dilemma. Will Cherry Costello give her the right advice? You decide…

Ana says:
My best friend, 'R', is really scared about going back to school. Last term she was bullied quite badly by three girls from our year group and as the time is counting down (we go back next week) I can see her getting more and more wound up. I have told her that if nothing has changed she has to tell a teacher, but she won't listen because the bullies have told her not to tell and she thinks this would make it worse. I can't stand seeing her being tormented by these losers. Should I tell on the bullies, or would that be a betrayal?

Cherry says:
You haven't promised not to tell, from what I can see. You know she can't or won't tell herself, and you know that's because she's afraid of the bullies… but you could blow the whistle on this and stop things getting any worse. If the bullying starts again, talk to a trusted teacher, tell them what's going on and ask them not to say you told or to involve you in what happens next. The teacher will respect your wishes but can then investigate what's going on, talk to your friend and work out a solution. Bullies always tell their victims that telling will make things worse… they are protecting themselves. Telling can stop the bullying and protect future victims, so be brave and if your friend is still being tormented, speak out, in confidence, on her behalf. Good luck!

Cathy says:
Sometimes, friendship means speaking out or getting help for someone we care about. What would YOU do in Ana's situation? Has Cherry given the right advice? COMMENT BELOW to have your say...

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  1. I think this is great advice
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