Saturday 29 August 2015


Readers Amber and Saffron check out the best back-to-school stationery - take a look at their little haul before you hit the shops!

Saffron says:
Let's just say I kind of like new stationery! I start looking for new stuff the minute school has ended… I dive into every stationery shop I can find over the summer holidays. I always look for weird, quirky things rather than, say, a 28-pack of plain yellow pencils from Morrisons or whatever. This year, Waterstones was my main hunting ground, and I found some great stuff…

Amber says:
I love stationery because it fuels my creativity in the dull hum of schoolwork. Let's say I'm in maths, learning algebra and we have to write something important down… I'd much rather pull a bright, patterned notebook out of my bag than a boring, dull one. I buy more stationery over the summer holidays than at any other time of year because the shop displays inspire me and I can't help myself! I'm a hoarder of pencils and pens, but I LOVE notebooks. I have one for every occasion… to-do lists, christmas present lists and every subject in school! For cheap stationery, Tesco and Sainsburys are amazing, but my fave shop is Paperchase.

All of the stationery in this little haul is from Tesco, apart from the Tinkerbell notebook which came from Disneyland, the toadstool notebook which was a competition prize and the pink notebook which came from Sainsburys. I love the Sharpie pens especially because of the vast array of ways to use them - I plan to use them to make bookmarks, for starters! I love the Lego brick erasers too, because they are fun and a bit of a novelty!

Saffron says:
So… I found some very cool stuff! My oxygen rubber was 50p from Staples and the multi-colour ink pen was from there too, at just £1. The compass was also a Staples find, and that cost just 29p. The ruler cost 99p from Waterstones and the inside-out highlighter was £4.50 from the Disney Store. The dinosaur pen was 75p from Paperchase and the coloured pens in the spotted case were £1.50 from Waterstones. Last but not least, the box of bits and bobs - paperclips and pins and clips - was £2 from Asda. I absolutely love it, because it really helps me to get sorted and keep my cork board and everything else organised! I totally love stationery… if I used those pens to draw a heart as big as Asia, it still wouldn't sum up my enthusiasm!

Cathy says:
I share Saffron and Amber's affection for gorgeous new notebooks and pens… how cool? I love their round-up of the best stationery on offer this autumn. Do YOU love getting set up with new things at the start of the new term? COMMENT BELOW to tell us why!


  1. I love buying (and making) my own cool stationary for school! It really brightens your day when you're using a gorgeous pen, pencil or notebook! I've been decorating/making lots of my stationary this year including washi tape pens and pencils, a handmade pencilcase and a cute collage notebook! I love paperchase too! I recently bought 'toasty notes' from there which are sticky notes with pieces of toast printed on them! How cool! I love watching stationary hauls on youtube and this post was awesome too! :D

  2. All of my stationery haul is currently taking over my bedroom floor! This year it's all come from WH Smith, because I got a gift card from work when I left :) It looks like I'm going to be working hard over the next year!

  3. I like having new note books. I write, so when I open up a fresh page I know that there is so many opportunities, so much new space. sometimes writing on a scrap piece of paper is good though because then it gives me more emotion, mostly sad because the paper is more ruined. new pens are fun as well though!



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