Tuesday 25 August 2015


Readers share their hopes, fears and aspirations for the brand new school term!

Emily says:
I guess I'm feeling OK about going back to school. I'm going into Year 10, which means we start our proper GCSE courses, but that's fine. The only thing I AM worried about is that we have to have injections. Eek! I HATE them! But I guess I will deal with it somehow, even if it means crying! School is fine, I just don't like homework… but who does, right?

Ruadhan says:
I've been back since Thursday and the teachers are piling more and more work on us… exhausting! In in 4th year now and there is so much work to get through. We have work experience in a few weeks and exams at the start of next year… so much to think about. It will all be worth it some day!

Jenna says:
I'm looking forward to it because I haven't seen my crush for six whole weeks. Maybe this will be the term he actually notices me… or maybe I'll finally get the courage up to talk to him! (Unlikely, but I can dream!)

Becca says:
I feel anxious because I've just finished secondary school and everything is changing. College is the next challenge. I am kind of excited to be meeting new people, but anxious for everything else!

Fouzia says:
I don't feel good about it. We didn't get to go abroad this summer as planned, to see relatives back in my old country, so I am sad about that. Plus, I do not like my new school - I miss my old friends and I am dreading the new term. Things feel a little messed up right now but I am trying to see the bright side… hopefully something awesome is coming up!

Annie says:
I am looking forward to my new form tutor. Last year we had an amazing English teacher - and then before the end of term, our old form tutor told us he was going to be teaching Sixth Form so next term we'd have a new form tutor. And of all the teachers… it's going to be our amazing English teacher!

Stephanie-Jade says:
What I'm not looking forward to is repeating my year. I am studying A levels now and the first year didn't work out in my favour, I guess. My grades were a let down but I am grateful I have a second chance! Now I just have to figure out how to improve those grades!

Fiona says:
I am probably a bit of an oddity but I always look forward to the new term. Things are not great with my family and although we do care about each other, there is always a lot of stress whenever there is a school holiday and I hate being caught in the middle of it. When term time comes around I put on a happy face and pretend my life is fine. The truth is, it is fine when I'm with my friends, but at home it's a different story.

Jade says:
I am super-nervous because in September I will be starting at a boarding school for the first time. I think the work will be OK and I know I will make friends, but I am so anxious about missing home. I've always known this was on the cards and looked forward to it, but now it feels very serious and scary.

Louisa says:
Last year I got into some trouble at school and felt like I let everyone down. Over the holidays I have made a plan to change all that and start from scratch. I will make my parents and my teachers proud this year and I will do the best I can. It feels like a big responsibility but also it feels exciting. Clean slate!

Illustrations by your very own CC… ;o)

Cathy says:
This mixture of nerves and excitement is pretty standard… but I love the interesting and unusual stories woven into this post! New starts can be pretty awesome, right? Are YOU planning a fresh start this term? In what way? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. LOVING the illustrations; great job, Cathy! And for Jade, I have a really close friend who does boarding school and she loves it. Good luck!

  2. I really hope that everyone does okay at school, although I don't actually go, many of my friends do and I know how stressful it can be.
    Cathy- Omygoodness! I love the top drawing! Very cool... :o xxx

  3. I'm about to go into my final year of school... I'm quite excited to go back because we get to choose new subjects and create our own timetable, which could be stressful but also sounds quite fun. I'm half looking forward to leaving school and (hopefully) going to university in a year, but the other half of me is a bit scared and doesn't want to grow up!

  4. Like Emily, I'm moving into year 10. This year I get to start my GCSEs and drop the subjects I don't like; I found my timetable draft online and it was so satisfying to see visual arts, PE and humanities completely gone! We might have to have injections this year too, I have no idea, but since I have 4 injections a day I'm not too fussed about that! People like to make a big deal of them, but they honestly aren't that bad. The nurses usually get you talking about something like your lessons or what you had for breakfast, so you're not thinking about the needle at all. You're right though, Emily; nobody's a big fan of homework!

  5. I'm a complete needle-phobic, and having the school leaver injections was my idea of a nightmare!!! You don't have to have them at school if you don't like the idea of it: if you (or a parent) ring your GP practice, they can arrange for you to have them there instead or do a home visit. I had mine at home, and I much preferred that to having them at school.

    I'm now 19, and am about to go back to college as an adult learner to do a course so I can go to university next year, because I was ill during my A Levels and missed a lot of learning. It's going to be really fun, and even now, I'm really excited! :)

    My brother is about to go into Year 9, and he's quite nervous about starting his GCSE subjects, so I think it is a natural thing. I had the best time at school when I was in my GCSE years, and the hard work is worth it in the end.

    Just remember that GCSEs are a marathon and not a sprint! :)

  6. Good luck to everybody, i know what it can feel like, the nerves, worrying about your grades, friend problems. but of course there are the good bits, good luck! Cathy the drawings are amazing... i am stunned!! :-)



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