Thursday 24 September 2015


Readers share their favourite things about autumn as the days begin to get colder here in the UK…

Hazel says:
Favourite things about autumn? Snuggling up on the couch with a good book... walking outside in the crisp air with that slight tinge of cold that makes you feel good... watching Strictly in front of the fire with my dad's amazing homemade pizza… the longer nights… being all cosy under my duvet and drifting off to sleep… eating freshly stewed apples with porridge and cinnamon… baking fruit crumbles until the house is warm and smelling wonderful! Basically… everything! I might complain about the cold but I love the changing of the seasons, where everything feels freshly new and exciting!

Kiramae says:
Toffee apples and Halloween!

Hannah says:
I have mixed feelings about autumn. It feels like a magnet grabbing away my summer and dragging me into ten months worth of schoolwork and exams. I wish it could be summer forever… twelve months of  sunshine and family barbeques on the beach… total bliss!

Megan says:
I love being able to wear comfy boots out and about. I LOVE Halloween and all the classic films that link to it, my favourites being Hocus Pocus, Casper and the Nightmare Before Christmas. I love the crunch of the fallen leaves on the ground and all the gorgeous colours - oranges, reds, berries! I like not having to be incredibly hot and sticky like you are in the summer, and being able to wear layers of clothes and scarves, hats and gloves. I love drinking hot chocolate, too! Even though my birthday is in the summer, I think I love autumn best!

Caoillinn says:
Bonfire night is one of my favourite times of the whole year. I love how it gets dark really early, and the cold breeze and nip in the air. Every bonfire night I go to different places - last year it was to Bule Hill. They did a massive bonfire and loads of fair rides, but my favourite part was the fireworks. I love fireworks because of all the different colours and noises - they light up the dark night sky and are my favourite part of autumn!

Jessica says:
Fluffy socks. Fireworks, Halloween, fires, sitting on the sofa watching movies snuggled up underneath a blanket… sigh!

Becca says:
Sitting by the window, wrapped in a blanket, watching the leaves fall from the tree. The one I love to climb. A sip of hot chocolate. A thought for the dying leaves. A smile for the ones that shall grow in their place…

Deborah says:
Best things about autumn? My birthday, the colours of the trees, harvest, that warm-yet-cold feeling… more red fruits around and the feeling of new beginnings brewing. Did I mention my birthday? ;o)

Joanne says:
The best things are planning my costumes for Halloween, trick or treating with my friends, playing conkers, fireworks, Strictly Come Dancing coming back and LOTS of other things too!

Cathy says:
I love autumn… I actually love every new season as it comes, but the colours of autumn are just gorgeous. Nature's definitely in charge! What do YOU love most about autumn? COMMENT BELOW to have your say! 


  1. I love Autumn and my birthday is in September. I love to curl up in a cosy sofa and drink hot chocolate and read a brilliant CC book.

  2. Bonfire night, Halloween, snuggling in blankets, cosy and cute outfits, baths, cinnamon and pumpkin spice scented...everything, and so much more! Autumn is amazing, apart from back to school of course! :)

  3. The whole smell of Autumn... Cinnamon... Pumpkin... Burning fires... Saturday night TV!!!
    Cosy socks and sparklers... The bright colours and let's not forget half term!!!

  4. getting to warmth inside a building (house, school) when you have just been out in the cold. and my birthday!



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