Wednesday 23 September 2015


It's 'Agony Aunt' time again on DREAMCATCHER… and reader Sîan has a problem for Summer Tanberry to tackle. Will you agree with Summer's solution?

Sîan says:
My biggest passion is dance… I've liked it for years but only started learning properly when I was ten. I am eleven now. I take jazz classes and have an exam soon, and am hoping to start lyrical dance classes soon. The problem is, I sometimes feel depressed and I don't know why - there is never really a reason. The only things that help me when I feel this way are dance and reading. Please help me!

Summer says:
I sympathise, and as you know I have been through a very rough time myself lately because I had put myself under way too much pressure and wasn't coping. Your problem is a little different, I think. You're eleven… and right on the edge of puberty, which means that your body is changing in all kinds of ways, some visible, some not. The hormones that go along with these changes will almost certainly be causing a few tidal waves of emotion in your body; feeling low, overwhelmed or tearful for no particular reason often goes along with certain points in your menstrual cycle, so I suspect it could be that you may start your periods quite soon. Both Skye and I definitely feel more emotional and thin-skinned at this time of the month. It's great that you have worked out that dance and reading can help to lift your mood… this works for me too! Dance is wonderful because it is so expressive and also because it is a physical work-out it produces 'endorphins' in your body which create a feel-good sensation. Exercise rocks when you are feeling low! As for reading, it's a way of escaping from your feelings for a short while into a safe, secure world where you feel understood. Also a great way to handle the blues. Growing up and the mood swings that can accompany it is not always easy; but I think already you have found some great coping mechanisms to get you through the bad times.

Cathy says:
Good advice from Summer… but is there anything YOU would add? COMMENT BELOW or email YOUR questions for the DREAMCATCHER problem page via the email link on my website, and mark your email DREAMCATCHER PROBLEM. What are you waiting for?

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  1. Summer is right in saying that hormones may be the culprit, but mood swings can come way before periods. I've been having mood swings since I was about Sian's age, but I still haven't started my period-and I'm fifteen! But even if you're not on your period, the stresses and worries of just being a girl can be enough to cause very emotional days. Finding a relaxing hobby such as playing an instrument or exercising can really help, and so does getting organised; make lists and tick off things on a calendar. It's really satisfying to see all the ticks!



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