Monday 14 September 2015


Reader Rosie writes about why CC books mean so much to her… and why she believes they have changed her life…

Rosie says:
I love Cathy Cassidy and her books. Cathy has been an inspiration to me for nine or ten years now; each time a new book came out, I was there in the bookshop to buy it, and I'd always email Cathy afterwards to tell her what I thought. My favourite CC books are INDIGO BLUE, DIZZY, MARSHMALLOW SKYE, LOOKING GLASS GIRL, SWEET HONEY, GINGERSNAPS and ANGEL CAKE. Check them out - they're all amazing, as well as the rest of Cathy's brilliant books.

I struggled with school and didn't have many friends, and I got teased quite a bit growing up. Cathy's books provided help, motivation and moments of escapism for me, and I honestly cannot thank her enough for that. Over the last five years or so, I wrote and emailed Cathy many times with questions and feedback, as well as chatting on about how much I adored curling up with her books and a cup of tea! She has always replied, with lovely messages and great advice, and I see her as a kind of mentor.

Cathy Cassidy is someone who has honestly changed my life. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't discovered that dog-eared copy of INDIGO BLUE in a garage sale all those years ago. Cathy is an inspiration to me; her books are amazing, she's a lovely person and gives fab advice. Cathy is just one of the people who have inspired me in my life, but she definitely changed the way I think and, ultimately, who I am today. So… thank you, Cathy, for replying to my letters and emails, for writing incredible books, for giving the best advice, for letting me write for your blog and of course, for being yourself.

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Cathy says:
Awww… I'm blushing now! Thank YOU, Rosie, for being so lovely. My readers mean the world to me, always. Have YOU ever had a role model or looked to someone for inspiration and advice? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!



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