Sunday 6 September 2015


Reader EMILY, aged fourteen, is one of the winners of my 'DIFFERENT' themed writing comp with this topical and emotional story about a refugee coming to Britain…

A New Start by Emily T, age 14

Her body filled with a sense of anxiety as she gazed up, her green eyes fixed on her new school building. She could hear the children's voices around her but she didn't dare join in, for fear of muddling up her English. She stared around blankly and saw the cars in the car park covered with a blanket of fresh snow. She saw the forgotten trees in the distance, their branches bare. Everything she had ever dreamed of seemed so pointless now; she had left all her friends, all her dreams behind.

Crystallised snowflakes clung to her new uniform. A cold sense of frost lingered in the corridor as she trudged into her new classroom. She saw the Christmas tree in one corner of the room, an angel sitting proudly on top. The classroom was lit with festive lights flickering from colour to colour; for the first time, she felt almost excited about her new life in England. A huddle of blonde haired girls came up to her, their fluffy scarves wrapped around them. They asked her to be friends, asked why she had moved here so late in the year.

She told them about the bombs that had hit her home town and of her family's journey to get here. They  sympathised, their blue eyes wide with shock - but she didn't want sympathy because she knew that didn't matter anymore.

She knew things here in England would work out.

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Illustration by Cathy

Cathy says:
The standard in the writing competition was, as always, very high. I wanted to share this story because it is very much of-the-moment… and so powerful and moving. Great work, Emily! Do YOU love to write? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I thought this was a fab story- loved the descriptions! x

  2. love love love this! So powerful<3 Hamdi:)xox

  3. Thankyou! Can't believe my storys on your blog!!xxx



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