Friday 25 September 2015


Reader Ima writes about her life in Morocco in this captivating and informative post…

Ima says:
Hi… I'm Ima; I'm fifteen, like Honey Tanberry, and I am Moroccan. My hobbies are reading, writing, art, IT and photography. I live with my family in Fes, and I am the oldest of my siblings. I don't have any pets, but I'd love a kitten one day! I discovered Cathy's series LES FILLES AU CHOCOLAT (yes, I read them in French, which is the most common language spoken here after Arabic) and fell very much in love… each book is more exciting than the last! I will be in high school this year; almost all children go to school, although some, especially girls from rural areas, do not… but this problem decreases gradually. The uniform is simple and practical… a white blouse for girls, a blue shirt for boys. Morocco is a great country so I will tell you more… you will love it!

Morocco is a country which combines originality and modernity. There are many interesting places to visit; seas, mountain ranges, deserts… and cities, monuments etc. Several civilisations have lived here and left their brand on our history. My home town, Fes, is wonderful - one of the oldest, biggest and most impressive cities not just in Morocco but in all Arabia. You can't visit Morocco without coming to see it! Morocco is an Islamic country and this is reflected in its culture, dialect and traditions. Islamic occasions such as Ramadan (the month of fasting), Eid el Fitr and Eid el Adha are celebrated and venerated just as much as national occasion like Independence Day, the Green march and the Feast of the Throne.

Moroccans wear two types of clothing, modern and traditional. Traditionally, we wear the djellaba for everyday life, and for special occasions men will wear the djabador and women the takchita. The takchita is so elegant and very decent and respectful - I will describe it fully as I think the girls will looove it! The takchita is actually comprised of two pieces - the first layer is a long dress of fine, undecoarted fabric and the over-dress a far more elaborate style with small buttons up the front using the traditional sfifa. A large belt, called the mdamma, encircles the waist. The sleeves, belt and upper layer of the takchita are richly adorned with artistic embroidery and sequins and the colours are vivid and beautiful.

Where food is concerned, Moroccan dishes are gourmet quality and combine both health and delight. Couscous (a grain served a little like rice) is the best known dish - and my favourite! We also have the bastilla (a type of chicken and almond pie), the tagine ( a kind of stew which can have various flavours) and harira (a special soup). Cakes and desserts are a real delight with many flavours and spices… I hope you can all get to try some one day. I hope I have presented my country well for you… perhaps you will come to visit in the future!

Cathy says:
Ima has made Morocco sound so enchanting… I would love to visit one day! Do YOU live outside the UK? Would YOU like to write a feature for DREAMCATCHER about your home country? COMMENT BELOW to tell me more, or to comment on Ima's feature!


  1. I want to visit Morocco now, I love the takchita and Ima you are beautiful. I have also tried couscous and i am very fond of it!

  2. cool I went to morocco this summer and I enjoyed it I loved it. I really do want to go back to Morocco I went to marakech and agadir it was amazing

  3. I live in New Zealand!

  4. I would love to go to Morocco, It sounds wonderful. The culture is interesting, the food sounds so good, the clothes really beautiful. I have to go!

  5. I live in vienna could I please write a feature?

  6. well I am from the irish republic. and I would love to go to morocco!



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