Wednesday 9 September 2015


It's problem page time again and reader Rishi has a question for Summer Tanberry… will you agree with the advice?

Rishi says:
I am thirteen and I have always said that when I'm old I won't just sit there baking cookies - I will travel the world and live life to the full and not care what anyone thinks. But lately I go on and on about my dreams; I want to be an artist, author, reporter, singer and much more, but I do not know where to start on achieving any of this. A while ago I felt like I'd had enough of trying and since then I have been filled with laziness and confusion. I don't want to waste my life because I wasted my childhood caring too much what others might think of me. I have journals to write in but I can't even begin; I just don't know where to start on with planning my life. It all feels too difficult.

Summer says:
Don't be too hard on yourself, Rishi. You are probably a bit impatient, like my big sister Honey… you want results fast, but life isn't like that. To achieve your goals, you have to be sure of what they are… and when we're young, those goals can change all the time. I've spent most of my life dreaming of being a prima ballerina, but the buzz I get from teaching and helping young dancers is actually way more rewarding for me… it just took me a while to see that. My advice is to enjoy your teens and work hard at school so that you keep all of your options open for later. If you love singing, join a music group or theatre club, or take lessons; if you want to write, try journalling or write a short story next school holiday. If art appeals, carry a sketchbook with you and draw when you have any spare time; if being a reporter is your dream, start a school magazine or blog and get some experience now. Tiny steps can bring your dreams closer, and if some don't work out then perhaps they weren't the right dreams to be chasing. Focus on school, friends, having fun - you're thirteen, so enjoy your teenage years and let go of the anxiety of what might happen next. I have a feeling that a career, travel and adventure are all ahead for you - but be patient and let the future unfold slowly.

Cathy says:
I think that's great advice for Rishi from Summer… tiny steps are the way to make any journey, and even things that don't work out can be a useful life lesson. What would YOUR advice be? COMMENT BELOW to have your say...


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