Friday 4 September 2015


Have you caught on to the new craze for adult colouring in yet? Is it 'mindfulness', 'therapy' or just plain fun? Readers share their opinions!

Jetta says:
My mum is addicted to the adult colouring in books and it has definitely helped her to de-stress. It's her birthday soon and I have got her a very cool book from Waterstones. Some of the designs are amazing! I'd give it a go, but sadly I'm more addicted to my iphone!

Violet says:
Not to sound like a hipster, but I was colouring in years before this craze. It's something that calms me down. I coloured in illustrated books (including a few CC books!) and anything else I could get my hands on. Mum found me a steampunk colouring book and this Christmas I got  colouring book entitled 'Unicorns are Jerks.' I even drew my own pictures to colour in. I have four packs of felt pens. When the craze started up. I rolled my eyes and cursed the fact that felt pens would probably shoot up in price. I don't care for the adult colouring books on sale in the shops just now - I like pictures, not patterns. I feel a sense of achievement in finishing a picture and making it look pretty, and that's just as important as the colouring in itself, which is a nice calm exercise.

Amber says:
They're great! They help your mind relax, and they're better than sitting in front of a screen, whether that's a phone, computer or TV… your eyes can be harmed by them. I use electronic devices practically all day, so I asked for a colouring book for my birthday. I picked The Enchanted Forest which looks amazing! Rather than a video game that's soon forgotten, you have a physical reward for the time spent… you could even frame it on the wall!

Maya says:
No… they're not for me. They're just more complicated versions of children's colouring books. Although it's not my thing, I think people should do what they want, and if they like these books then great. I guess it's sort of cool, because it's a relaxing thing… and who says colouring should be just for kids?

Valerie says:
Like Violet, this is not a new thing for me! I'm a school librarian and every break time there are lots of youngsters wanting to colour… a great way to relax and chill out before the dreaded bell goes again. Sometimes we set a theme - Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day etc… it's all good fun!

Liana says:
I am all for the colouring craze, because I think it will encourage people to be more creative and to do things that are 'real' things and not just on-screen. For me personally, I get more out of drawing and doodling, but that's just my preference, and once I start filling in the colour to my designs the effect is much the same! I am all in favour of anything that encourages people to explore the imaginative, creative side of their personalities; why should that be something reserved only for small children? The older you get, the more you need that creativity - our lives get very regimented the older we get. We need an escape!

Kellie says:
I have been into these books for a while. They're perfect for when you are wound up or stressed because they switch off all the anxiety. A friend saw one of my books in my bedroom in February or March this year… she made fun of me for being a 'baby'. She didn't mean to be horrible, she just genuinely didn't get it. I tried to explain but I knew she didn't understand. Just last week, I was at her house and guess what I saw on her desk… a colouring book and a set of new crayons. I had a bit of a smile, but I didn't say 'I told you so!'

Cathy says:
I love art, and though like Liana, I'd rather draw than colour, I the new pattern and artwork books are a brilliant idea… for all the reasons listed above! Are YOU hooked on the new cool colouring craze? COMMENT BELOW and share your views!


  1. I have always enjoyed colouring-in, even before the craze came in but I'm glad that there is a much wider range of colouring designs now! I prefer the colouring books that have room for you to fill in with your own designs. I personally find them more creative that ordinary books. For that reason, I enjoy Thaneeya McArdle's colouring books! I am looking forward to trying Joanna Batsford's Secret Garden colouring book because although there isn't room for your own designs, I love the look of the pages! It has high quality paper as well, which gives it a nice look! :D I recommend colouring-in in your spare time. It CAN be creative and helps you to work with colours! You have to learn how to use complementary and analogous colours well, so that you can use the techniques in your artwork! :)

  2. I really like the colouring books :) They're really good to help you relax. I like to do Zentangle too - it's a form of art meditation, and it's very relaxing. :)

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  4. I got 2 adult colouring books for christmas and I love sitting on a comfy seat colouring them in!!!




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