Thursday 17 September 2015


Reader Mathilde isn't just clever, creative and craft-crazy, she's willing to share her top secrets so that you can make something awesome too!

Mathilde says:

You will need:
1 embroidery hoop
1 hank of embroidery thread
1 hank of cotton knitting yarn

To decorate:
hair accessories etc
These are just suggestions… you can tie anything you like on… collect shells or fake flowers or anything you fancy… be creative!

To make:

1. Take either of the hoops from your embroidery hoop (set the other aside for a second dreamcatcher!) and wrap the hoop neatly and tightly with the cotton knitting yarn.

2. Finish the wrapping neatly and hide the tail end of yarn.

3. To make the web you will be using a knot called the half-hitch. Google the half-hitch and practice a few times until you've got the hang of it!

4. Use a pen/marker to make six marks on the hoop, at equal distances. Tie on your embroidery thread and make a half-hitch knot at each marked point. Make sure you go in the same direction or it will look a bit odd!

5. Next, go round again, this time making knots in the centre of each straight line of thread you have created.

6. Keep knotting round and round, working inward until you reach the centre.

7. To finish off, tie five or six half-hitch knots to complete the web securely in the centre.

8. Cut three more pieces of the cotton knitting yarn and tie them at intervals along the bottom of the hoop. These can be different lengths as you please.

9. Tie your decorations to the ends of the yarn and add a butterfly hair decoration to the centre of the web. All done!

10. Don't worry if your web is a little lopsided - it all adds to the effect!

A dreamcatcher can be hung above the bed to catch bad dreams and neutralise unhappy or negative thoughts… or just used as a cute decoration. They make brilliant presents too!
Cathy says:
This is AWESOME! I love the pics and the instructions are clear enough even for me to want to have a go! Off to google a half-hitch knot right now! Are YOU the crafty type? COMMENT BELOW to tell us what your fave makes are!


  1. I'm definitely going to try this! I'm always looking for new crafty things to try out! xx

  2. AWESOME!!! :) :p

  3. So Cool, I will have to try this!!!



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