Monday 7 September 2015


Reader Carly writes about her first day back at school… not the perfect first day, alas!

Carly says:
Everyone wants their first day back at school to run smoothly. You want to make a good impression, look cool and organised. Well… let's just say my first day back at school was kind of tragic. I usually walk in with a friend, but she was running late so I had to head in on my own… it turned out later that she'd got to my house just about the same time I got to school, so it was a good job I didn't hang on, but it was a stressful start. The school decided to give us new black binders - they were cheap and smelled like those paddling pools you had when you were little. We were told to go easy on the decoration and make it subtle, but… well... that just isn't my style. I adore art and my mentor is an art teacher, so I just let my imagination go crazy. I'll probably be in big trouble by this time tomorrow… sigh.

At break time, a boy I knew from last year unzipped the pocket of my bag and and took out my new ruler… well, I love my stationery and I was NOT having that. I chased him, slipped, fell over the football table and dropped my chocolate bar. I ended up losing a ruler and a chocolate bar too… and when I slipped I really hurt my leg. It feels like I have a bit of bone sticking out under the skin… ugh. To add insult to injury, I was late to my first class. My friend and I didn't realise we had a room change and waited with a Year Seven class (we're Year Eight…) for half an hour before we finally realised. Oops! Year Eights are meant to know their way around… but not me, clearly.

It turned out in the end we had been given the same seating plan for everything, and typically, I seem to be stuck on the Table of Death… everyone on that table hates me with a passion and gives me an evil stare every time I breathe. Nice. Things can only get better, right? Well, maybe. I was glad to get home… but just to top off my disastrous day my PE bag split in half. Well, it's not like I need it or anything… arghhh!

Cathy says:
Some days are just doomed from the start… I feel your pain, Carly! Hope things look up soon! Have YOU ever had a day of non stop disasters? COMMENT BELOW and tell us more!


  1. One time I was walking to school and we were walking up the path leading to the school and everybody was lined up either side of it, all silently standing. Me and my friends wondered why and were asking each other. I was still walking up and talking when my friend sort of looked at me in a weird way and before I knew it is just stepped in a big pile of poo with the while school laughing at me! Ah. So THAT'S what they were waiting for. For the rest of the day, they just wouldn't let it go! It was SO embarrassing! They forgot about it the next day, sort of...

  2. I totally understand you your not the only one!!!



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