Tuesday 17 March 2015


Reader Audrey has a difficult problem for Honey Tanberry to solve… will you agree with Honey's advice?

Audrey says:
I am really worried and I need your advice. My parents want to move abroad. They are quite serious about it and are planning dates. I am so nervous. I mean, I don't want to leave behind the rest of our family, school, friends, interests, dogs, rabbit… what if I can't bring my pets? I have never had a real 'best friend' before so I am going to find it really hard to adjust and fit in. I am also worried about how I will cope with schooling in another country, and how to choose hobbies and clubs. I am happy where I am now and I really, really don't want to go.

Honey says:
I chose to move overseas and make a fresh start in Australia (even if it didn't last long!) but I can see how being forced to move would feel very different. You need to talk to your parents, and fast. No wonder you have worries when you don't know the details of what is happening. When are you moving? Where? What will your new home be like? Are your pets coming? You need all these answers. You don't say where you are moving, but I bet you handle the changes well - I have two friends at the sixth form college where I'm studying now, one from India and one from Poland, who have both had to learn English as they went along, and they have still done pretty well. If you are not naturally outgoing, you may need to make more effort to find new friends, but you have to try - give it your best shot. Sometimes, life takes a turn we don't much like, but rather than try to fight it I have learned (the hard way!) that the only way forward is to accept and adapt. Take a deep breath and embrace the change, see it as an adventure, a challenge. And good luck!

Cathy says:
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  1. Just a quick mistake to point out . . . you know in the bold section after the title, you missed out a vital word - you. It should've said: will 'you' agree with Honey's advice', not will agree with Honey's advice. Anyway, enough of the grammar talk, I agree with Honey's advice, because I think that it shall help Audrey with her problem very well.

  2. I tried commenting the other day- I guess it didn't get posted? I just wanted to say Audrey, that I moved from England to California in March 2015. It wasn't meant to be permanent, and my family is moving back (permanently!) in July. I am home-educated, so my situation is a little different, but my brother and I both had to give up our pets. It was definitely for the best, as our bunnies would have roasted to death in the summer-and probably winter!- and it is also a ten hour plane ride from London to San Francisco. Anyway, if you ever want to chat about anything, you can find me on Facebook. :D
    Good luck! xxx

    1. Didn't get the comment, Hazel… not sure why? Thanks for trying again and for the kind and helpful comments for Audrey!



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