Monday 23 March 2015


I asked my readers what their top tips for instant happiness were… this is what they said!

Amy says:
It sounds weird, but I like to melt a big bar of Cadbury's and mix in rice crispies and marshmallows and eat it warm… it's like melted crispie cakes, and it always cheers me up!

Emily says:
Don't worry about what others think of you. I have spent a lot of my life feeling anxious about this and honestly, it takes far too much time and energy. Be your own person. Do what makes you happy and be proud of it! No two people are the same so celebrate the differences and remember this is YOUR life!

Shirley says:
I go outside, shut the door and sit on the back step. That's it, really. A couple of minutes and everything feels better!

Gina says:
A best friend and a cuppa!

Deborah R says:
I like to take my dog for a walk somewhere beautiful, or else watch funny cat videos on Youtube. They always cheer me up and make me laugh hysterically, no matter how rubbish I feel!

Sara says:

Emma says:
One Direction… those boys are the only reason I keep going, sometimes!

Abigail says:
Books, minions, lip balms, The Dumping Ground.

Annie says:
A Cathy Cassidy book and a big bag of Skittles!

Sristi says:
Hugs, bffs, a good book, kindness and a long, comfy lie in!

Kellie says:
I am getting into anti-stress colouring books… very cool, and they really work!

Deborah A says:
Happy music, fun games, friends, family, a good book, a good movie… all of those things can warm the spirit!

Veronica says:
Helping others makes me happy…

Cathy says:
What is YOUR favourite get-happy fix? Mine would be listening to music, walking in the countryside or chilling out with friends! COMMENT BELOW to tell us YOUR top tips!


  1. Right now, the closest I've come to happy is when I discovered the audiobook of The Bell Jar on YouTube. And the woman who reads it has a lovely voice. I could listen to it all day. Considering that I'm losing the ability to function as a human being, it's nice to know I have that audio there for when I inevitably forget how to read.

    1. This kinda made me sad when you said "Losing the ability to function as a human being" and stuff. But I'm glad it makes you happy <3

  2. Echosmith
    I love that band!!! I don't get why so many people say their music is rubbish! I also LOVE Taylor Swift! I also LOVE Cathy Cassidy's books!!! :)

    1. I am a directioner too and they make me soo happy

  3. Basically I just make a cup of hot chocolate with biscuits and a book to read probably a CC one. The other option is I go on my laptop and watch movies or vid clips. I do alot of things for a happy-fix!! :)

  4. Writing - as always.

  5. I like listening to Make a Man out of You from Mulan... it really pumps me up!

  6. To be happy and have fun I do several things! I listen (and sing to) Taylor Swift (and other singers of course), draw/doodle/make clothes designs (art really), I like to fill in those relaxing colouring books too, I read one of my favourite author's books, decorate my room and so much more! :D

  7. Amy's idea is great becuase i love melting chocolate and adding things in with it. I also think reading a good book or listening good music is great

  8. I'm quite lucky in that I'm quite a happy person anyway. However, one time I was a bit down and worried because I had an Italian speaking exam later in the day and what really cheered me up was imagining Unikitty (from the Lego Movie) bouncing along behind me saying "Stay positive!" Really weird, but it worked! :D



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