Monday 23 March 2015


Are you a sporty girl? Readers share their passion for a favourite sport or activity… could one of them be the perfect hobby for YOU?

Grace says:
I've been able to swim ever since I can remember. We lived in America when I was younger, in Miami, and we had a pool, so being able to swim was essential. I loved it, but when I was five or so we moved to New Zealand and although there was no more pool I began taking swimming lessons. The lessons were once a week, but my friends and I were at the swimming pool all the time, we thought it was awesome. I moved up a couple of levels and was doing well, and then I hit a level that seemed harder; I was one of the younger ones and I wasn't ready to move up, so I stayed in that group for a while longer. At that point we moved again, and although I started lessons again I didn't pass the next level and I was stuck with girls younger than me, and I began to lose interest. It was winter and wet and cold, and I decided to give up. I wish I'd kept going now, but perhaps it was for the best. I still love swimming and my family and I go to the beach whenever we can - that way I have all the fun and none of the pressure!

Izzy says:
I love hockey. I practise every Sunday morning and I have county training some Fridays and Sundays too as for the last two seasons I have played for Notts County. I like it because I'm with my friends, and it's fun - I play at a small club and all the coaches are really friendly and get to know you well. It's a friendly place with a great atmosphere and good team spirit! I got started when I was about seven, because my sister was playing  and kept telling me how much fun it was; at first, I didn't want to but now I really wish I'd started earlier because I enjoy it so much! The down side is that I don't get to have a lie in on a Sunday because training starts quite early… and if it's cold and wet, that's not always great! Overall, though, it's a brilliant sport!

Isabelle says:
I like running because it's an outside thing; I love running in the sun, but I also love the rain and the mud and the wind! There's just something about running that makes me feel really happy. I run with a team which helps you to stay motivated and to push yourself, and I have competed quite a few times, too. If anyone reading this is thinking of giving running a try, I would definitely say do it - and never give up! Running can be hard going, but if you believe you can do it then you can. If you aim to run two or three times a week, you'll soon be fit enough, trust me!

Stephanie says:
I started football fairly recently. I train with my college's SLD group (specific learning difficulties). Since then, my confidence has soared! Every week we play matches and games in training, and once a month there is a tournament. The good bit about football is that it's fantastic exercise and has really developed my confidence and skills. The only downside I can think of is when we have to do circuit training… waah!

Cathy says:
All of these sports sound amazing… would any of them suit you? COMMENT BELOW to tell me about your favourite sport!


  1. Spelling mistake in Grace's section - it says "was" when it should say 'way'. Anyway, I'm not a sporty person so...Blue out! *salutes*

  2. I'm a skater is that counted as a sport??? I guess so haha

    1. Be fab to hear more about that, Ebony - it would make a great DREAMCATCHER piece! Email me via the 'email Cathy' link on or contact me via the FB fanpage if you are interested! xxx

  3. I do horse riding and a bit of walking - a couple of years ago my mum and I walked the Coast to Coast in northern England! However, I'm not very good at most other sports (in S1 and S2 my PE grades just kept getting worse, despite the fact that I had perfect Effort grades!)



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