Wednesday 4 March 2015


Another in our problem page series… reader Kristina asks Skye Tanberry for advice on boys!

Kristina says:
Skye, I need your advice. I know you had a crush on a ghost boy; I have a crush on a boy too. He's not a ghost, but he may as well be… he doesn't even know who I am. He lives near me and I saw him first when I was biking home… he was with friends and he smiled at me. I've seen him a few times since, at cricket and soccer games, (my brother plays too) but how do I get to know him? I really like him and would love to find a way to break the ice. By the way, I love your style, Skye!

Skye says:
Thanks for the compliment… you've made me smile! Problem-wise, I do sympathise. I am shy and chatting up boys I don't actually know would never be an easy task for me! So, what can you do? Smile at him whenever you see him and then progress to saying 'hello'. If your brother knows him, do some detective work and see if he can tell you more… otherwise, go slowly and be patient! If you get the chance to speak, take a deep breath, be brave and do it… what do you have to lose? Try asking if he knows your brother, or how long he's been playing football/cricket, or which school he goes to… anything friendly and open-ended that might open up a conversation. Gradually, he may become a friend, or a friendly acquaintance… and if he likes you as much as you like him, things can move on naturally from there. Best of luck!

Cathy says:
Skye's advice is good… taking things slowly is way better than scaring a crush off by being too over the top! Do YOU agree, or would you be more assertive? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!

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  1. I really do agree with Skye's advice, because being too over the top leads you dangling off the edge of a mountain, and you seriously wouldn't want that to happen to you! If the boy has a quiet personality, then take things slowly, and if the boy is confident, then don't take things too slowly, but not too quickly either. Anyway, that's my advice!



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