Tuesday 10 March 2015


Reader Chloe continues our series with a perfect playlist for Coco… read on to see if you agree with her choices!

Chloe says:
My first song for Coco is I Know Places by Taylor Swift, from her album 1989. The lyrics I have chosen are: 'Something happens when everybody finds out, see the vulture circling hindsight… Because they got the cages, they got the boxes and guns, they are the hunters, we are the foxes, and we run…' This to me evokes the time when Coco and Lawrie rescued the ponies… they had no choice but to stand up against Seddon, yet knew they would be hunted down and caught.

The next song is the theme tune to a television programme - Take On The World from Disney Channel's Girl Meets World. The lyrics I have chosen are: 'Face to face with changes, what's it all about? Life is crazy but I know I can work it out… I feel all right, I'm gonna take on the world, light up the stars, I've got some pages to turn…' I specifically chose this song as it sums up Coco's attitude to life; she wants to light up the stars and so she will. She will face all kinds of crazy challenges to get there, but she'll succeed no matter what. I think this song is a huge confidence booster - listen to all the lyrics, even if you don't watch the show! The song is on several compilation albums and is by Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard.

My final song is another one by Miss Swift… Mean. This reflects Coco's strong anti-bullying stance. If you've ever been bullied, please tell someone you trust - one soldier can't fight alone without an army, and nor can you. It's important, you know that. So, the lyrics I have chosen are: 'You with your words like laughs and your swords and weapons that you use against me, you picking on the weaker man.' This very much reminds me of when Coco intervened in what she thought was an incident of bullying. She may have got it wrong, but her bravery was clear! The song comes from the Speak Now album and it really connects with Coco in my mind!

Cathy says:
Another fab playlist from Chloe… do YOU agree with her choices? Would you add anything? COMMENT BELOW to let us know!


  1. Yayyy 2 Tay tay songs!!!!tlk bout being a big fan! Aha:)! Hamdi:)xxx

    1. Hamdi, you a member of the Swiftie tribe then. We are the unknown! Xxx



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