Saturday 7 March 2015


Reader Chloe writes on why feminism matters… just in time for International Women's Day!

Chloe says:
I'm a feminist; don't stereotype me! I believe in equality, I believe in racial harmony, I believe in all kinds of things. Probably like many of you, my view of feminism is not about wanting to be in some way 'higher' than men or to 'beat them at their own game' but purely wanting equal rights and opportunities, and respect. Is that too much to ask?

Sunday March 8th  is International Women's Day. The day celebrates who we are and what we do as women on this earth. When so many women around the globe are struggling to get even basic rights to an education for example, or not to be married off at age eleven or twelve to a  much older man, or even just to feel safe… well, we have a long way to go. But International Women's Day is also about celebrating women, and that's brilliant!

I'm eleven, and people may say to me, 'You're a bit young to be bothering with all this, aren't you?' but in fact no, I don't think I am too young. We had an assembly at school this week that opened my eyes a lot, and in English we are reading Goggle Eyes by Anne Fine, which also makes me think. Women are the ones who give birth and raise and nurture a new generation, so no wonder we care and take the time to protest against things that are wrong. I myself have experienced things not many eleven year olds have; I don't want to talk about that, but sometimes difficult times can make us stronger.

In Russian class this week our teacher told us that International Women's Day is widely celebrated in Russia. Women are given presents and gifts; it doesn't matter if they have children or not, women are celebrated to honour the feminine half of the human race.

Like my head teacher, I am going to finish with this quote: 'Women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights.'

Cathy says:
I agree with Chloe - and with actress Emma Watson and Malala Yousafzai and many like them - we all need to be feminists and stick up for our sisters struggling both in the UK and overseas. Would YOU call yourself a feminist? Do you believe women and girls are as good as men/ boys and deserve equal rights, opportunities and respect? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I am a feminist and proud.......God made us equal so we at least deserve some respect....Emma :)

  2. Women deserve equal rights as everyone does, men shouldn't receive more respect than women unless they have earned the respect. Everyone should have the same opportunities offered to them; whether they take it or not-however-is their choice.

  3. Love this post!<3xox Totally agree with u, I'm a gal and proud<3 Hamdi:)xxx

  4. I go to an all girls grammar school. Where feminism is a big thing. We are encouraged to call ourselves
    inspirational women and to dream big. Tomorrow at school where are
    allowed to wear anything purple to celebrate international women's day
    and all the wonderful beautiful
    women out ya xx # I'ma gal&proud!♥

    1. Same here, I personally think it rocks though!

  5. I am a feminist and I am proud

  6. i'm a girl guide and a feminist and damn right proud thanks chloe!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. No problem, your feelings are never wrong- remember that! Xxx

  7. I'm a feminist and I love this post!

  8. I hate how there has to be at least 1 boy on the netball team but no girls are allowed on the football team!



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