Sunday 1 March 2015


Reader Rosie decided it was time we heard more about the Chocolate Box BOYS…

Rosie says:
As well as the cool boys in the Chocolate Box series, there were also 'dishwater' boys as Honey would say. Riley and Aaron are two that spring to mind, boys too interested in their looks and very shallow. There were a lot of lovely, kind, caring boys too…

How about Alfie Anderson? OK, I admit that in the beginning I found him annoying… but then we got talking to Skye and he was so sweet. My favourite thing he did for Summer was to give her a box of delicious fruit, and I also loved the part where he and Summer were jumping on the trampoline. I loved Alfie because of his caring nature and dedication.

Then there was Lawrie… again, to start with I found hum surly and unkind, but I could still relate to him. As the story developed, I grew to love Lawrie's passionate and determined attitude. My favourite Lawrie moment was when he said he would never forget Coco… aww!

I liked Ash, Honey's Aussie boyfriend, right from the start. He was such a good boy, the type I would want, who works hard and cares about his family; the type who would treat you as a princess. The confusion with him and Riley got me a bit jittery - I liked Ash, but I worried that Honey would choose Riley. My best Ash moments? I love it when they first meet and he peeks out from under his fringe, and I love the bits where he and Honey play with his little brother and sisters.

Then there is Shay, Honey's ex and Cherry's current boyfriend. Oh, Shay - he is so adorable! I loved him from the start and I'm currently waiting for a boy like Shay to come and be my boyfriend. He was so sweet to Cherry and a good boyfriend to Honey despite her horrible attitude to him. I found it interesting when Cherry called him shallow because I found him very deep. He was so lovely… I wish him and Cherry the best!

Last of all is Finch; he's like a male version of me. I loved his vintage styling and how caring he was, his dedication and love for Skye. Although they live far apart, I hope they can stay together. My favourite part with Finch was when he and Skye first meet at the end of Marshmallow Skye… I also like the bit where he and Skye were staring at each other and Skye let the iron burn her petticoat! Which boy is YOUR favourite?

Artwork by talented reader Deniz - thank you so much!

Cathy says:
Do YOU love reading about the Chocolate Box Boys? Don't miss out on their e-books, Bittersweet (Shay's story); Chocolates and Flowers (Alfie's story); Moon and Stars (Finch's story); and Snowflakes and Wishes (Lawrie's story) all available from the amazon kindle store now. There may be a few surprises in there! So go on, tell us… which boy is YOUR fave? COMMENT BELOW to tell all!


  1. Yippee! So happy to have my first article up. :) Rosie xx

  2. My favourite chocolate box boy is Lawrie. I like that he is realistic, and him and Coco get along because they have the same passion. So cute!

  3. Tiny little spelling mistake - when talking about Lawrie, it says she finds "hum" surly and unkind. The 'u' and 'i' keys are right next to each other, I understand. I'm not too enthralled by any of the Chocolate Box boys. They're good characters, don't get me wrong, I'm just more interested in the girls' dramas! My favourite Cathy Cassidy boys aren't from the Chocolate Box series. I like Paul from Driftwood because he's pretty much me at 12/13 (I hope there's a book catching up on Paul, Joey, Hannah and Kit!) and I liked Finn's outlook on life in Dizzy. I even named my cat Finn because I wanted him to be calm and strong like the character in Dizzy. It worked. Mouse also seemed like a little sweetie and it was cool meeting him again in Lucky Star. Just my opinion.
    Blue. :-)

    1. Hey, Blue, I totally respect your opinion! I love the girls' dramas too, but the boys were a nice side part of the books, :-)
      I really love the book Driftwood, also. I think that I could relate to Paul too. Your cat sounds cute!



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