Monday 9 March 2015


My Irish author-pal Sarah Webb shares her recipe for these gorgeous cupcakes, inspired by her new book 'Mollie Cinnamon is Not a Cupcake'!

Sarah says:

Every cafe has to have its own special cupcake - here is a recipe for the trademark cupcakes from my new Songbird Cafe Girls series!

Makes 12 cupcakes…

You will need:
2 eggs
110g self-raising flour
110g butter
110g caster sugar
2 tsp baking powder

For the icing:
220g icing sugar
110g butter
Blue food colouring

To make:
1. Ask a parent/ guardian to pre-heat oven to 180c.
2. Place 12 paper cupcake cases on a tray.
3. Mix sugar, flour and baking powder together. Add butter and eggs to mixture.
4. Stir ingredients together well until mixture is pale and fluffy.
5. Spoon mixture into paper cases.
6. Ask a parent/ guardian to put the tray of cases into the oven.
7. Bake for around 15 minutes or until golden brown. Ask parent/ guardian to help with this bit.
8. Once cooked, allow to cool while you make the icing.
9. Whisk butter and sugar together.
10. Add couple of drops of blue food colouring and mix.
11. Ask parent/ guardian to help you cut a circle from the top of each cake. Fill with icing.
12. Place cut out cake pieces on top of icing to look like wings!

Cathy says:
Oooh! Sounds like a perfect spring bake… I think I will be testing these out for Easter! Do YOU like baking? COMMENT BELOW to share your views and tell us if YOU would like to contribute a recipe to DREAMCATCHER!


  1. ohhhhhh please can I contribute a recipe I bake all the time

    1. Yes PLEASE… we love new recipes! Email me via the 'email Cathy' link over on



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