Thursday 25 June 2015


I think you will love this special mini story on a friendship theme from reader Cassi… snuggle up with an ice cool smoothie and enjoy!

We met by chance. I'd eaten a dodgy doughnut from the school cafeteria and was busy throwing up in the loo, and she was standing outside, waiting for her assigned buddy to finish off putting on her mascara. I almost walked straight past her, but she put out a hand to stop me.

'Wait,' she said softly. 'You look like death!'

She took me to the school office, forgetting all about her buddy (who, by the way, had taken her chance to put on lip-gloss and eyeshadow too). I was sent straight home, but not before we had exchanged numbers and email addresses. Kadi, she said her name was. A lovely, unique - OK, not quite unique but still - a lovely name. I had a simple, boring name… Cassandra. Where's the fun in that? The music, the laughter? The way she said her name… Kadi… made the world sing. Everyone called me plain old Cass, but with Kadi I felt different. I called myself Cassi, with an i at the end, just like Kadi did, and suddenly I felt special, different, too.

She texted me that evening, and I texted back, and from that moment we did everything together. Confessed to not having done homework to teacher together… threw up in loos together after eating the cafeteria doughnuts (some people never learn)… sat exams together… everything.

We're still best friends now. You know what I learnt that day? Sometimes you find friends where you least expect them… like outside the girls' toilets!

Cathy says:
I love this mini-story - it perfectly sums up the craziness, fun and loyalty of teen friendship. Do YOU have the best friend ever? COMMENT BELOW to give her/him a shout-out, or give Cassi some feedback on her fab story!


  1. Hello cathy! I'm your fan, I love your style of writing. I'm ready cherry crush, marshmallow skye and summer dream. Now the coco caramel is by finnish, I want read it! You are awesome♥ ps. Sorry typos, I'm suck of english...
    - Sanni, 13 year old fan from Finland

  2. I love reading stories about people who have met in new and interesting ways, especially if the friendship lasts!

    I don't really have a best friend (in fact, I don't think I have any friends at all :( not any more anyway...), and it's been a long time since I last had one: probably at primary school, or you could probably count a few of the people I met at cadets as 'best' friends, but I don't really speak to anyone now. It's funny how people change and drift apart. I'd love to have a best friend, but I know virtually no one at all around where I live, as all of the people my age have either moved to uni or are from a rough kind of crowd that I don't really want to get involved with. Everyone seems really close knit and not really willing to be inclusive of new people.

    It's a shame, but I do know that friendship is something that should be cherished while you have it, and never ever taken for granted.

  3. How do I blog

  4. How do I blog because I am going to do one about being twins because Cathy said I should at The bromley book signing.

  5. I know this is what your loving old grandmother might be saying, but the one word for it is: awwwwww! :-)



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