Saturday 6 June 2015


Readers share their passion for writing and tell all about the world of fan fiction…

Lauren says:
My take on fan fiction is to use real life people in my books, mostly celebrities. I always make the main character of the book my own creation and the characters based on celebrities all have a unique personality which I have created, too. My stories are mostly romance-themed… I love bringing two very different people together in a story! Writing means a lot to me as it is my way of coping with some of the difficult things going on in my life. It also lets my imagination come alive! I post my stories on Wattpad and I have gained a lot of lovely readers on my main book, which is now on 200,000 reads. I'm not sure how that happened… I never even imagined I'd get to 1000! I love seeing the reactions of the readers each time I update the story… the comments are always lovely and encouraging and make me smile. It motivates me to keep on writing and makes me very happy!

Chloe says:
I read a lot of teen fiction and a couple of years ago I became completely obsessed with reading everything about Harry Potter, Hunger Games and several other series. I enjoyed reading other people's stories about these characters and seeing how they felt the stories should or could have ended. I loved their views but I had my own ideas about what might happen, so a friend pointed me in the Direction of a site called Quotev where I could write to my hearts content. I began writing and publishing my own fan fiction and of course I never dreamed anyone would read it, but they did - and they liked it. I started to write more and fell in love with what I was doing, and now I have followers, hearts and comments on my work which is thrilling because I am just doing something I really enjoy!

Charlotte says:
I write Harry Potter fan fiction on Wattpad. The first book has over 1.66k reads and I am so proud that it has achieved that! When I started writing Avada Kedavra around eight months ago, I never dreamed anything like that could happen. I've had some lovely comments from people and that's a great reward for all the hours I spend editing! I'm currently working on the sequel, Sectumsempra. Only a couple of my friends know about the stories and I like it that way; writing helps me escape from real life and focus on a magical world full of spells and wizards! It also helps me to improve my vocabulary and grammar. I have a few more ideas for fan fictions but I am not ready to share them just yet - they still need loads of work!

Katie says:
I write fan fiction because it's a great way of improving my writing skills and I like to think up alternate endings for things I have seen, such as TV episodes. I mainly write about Doctor Who but I take inspiration from lots of things. Writing makes me feel happy, and closer to the characters I know well and am writing about. For anyone who would like to start writing fan fiction, I recommend a site like Wattpad (which I use) where you can categorise your fanfic and broadcast it to other fans of the theme you are wiring about. You get some lovely feedback, and you get to meet others who write the same kind of stories as you!

Cathy says:
Some great accounts here… I think I'd have loved fan fiction sites if they had been around when I was a teen! Have YOU ever written fan fiction? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more...


  1. What are everyone's Wattpad users?

  2. I think you may have been a bit tired whilst editing Katie's section!
    "it take inspiration" = 'I take inspiration'
    "characters I now well" = 'characters I know well'
    "anyone ho" = 'anyone who'
    "wiring about" = 'writing about'
    Also, this is just a pet peeve of mine so you don't have to change it but Doctor Who should never be called Dr Who. I know it's just an abbreviation but it's not called Dr Who. It's called Doctor Who, that's its name. I wouldn't call Dr Pepper Doctor Pepper because that's not what it is called. Maybe I'm being pedantic but that's just what I think. Sorry if I'm being annoying now. I'll just creep away...

      And by the way, this is Katie, and I was writing it on my mum's phone so there were loads of mistakes xD

  3. What would be the appropriate age recommendation for signing up on Wattpad?

    1. It really depends on what stories you read, some are very dirty. But if you're 13/up you should be fine!

  4. I wrote a story for Marshmallow Skye 3 years ago without knowing it was fanfiction! But it was for a school project and it wasn't very well-written.

  5. I also write and publish my own works on Wattpad, although I don't really write fan fiction. The closest I've ever gotten to writing fan fiction would have been in the first draft of my novel The Silent Stars Go By, when the two main characters are discussing the then future fall of the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who, and they are discussing how Matt Smith's incarnation should bow out.

    I prefer to work on my own ideas than build up on what others have already created. It's a personal preference: I think building on other people's ideas is kind of plagiarism, so it's not something I am comfortable with.

  6. Counterpoint. While it's probably not true of the girls featured here, I've seen some fanfictions that go too far - one girl I knew was so anti the love interest of a series, who was a perfectly decent girl, that she basically cut her out and put her own in. This bothered me, because it was in a sense destroying what the author had created... I know if anyone messed around with any of my characters like that, I'd be pretty mad. But that said, if the writing is more like an exploration of what's already there, or a different perspective on it, it can be very sweet! Just my opinion. - Lauren WS

  7. OMG I love writing and reading one Direction / Little Mix fan fiction!

  8. While there can be brilliant stories on fanfiction sites there are also a lot of bad and sometimes disturbing ones. Though if you keep the rating filter on K-K+ you are usually fine.



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