Tuesday 9 June 2015


Reader Molly has battled serious health problems, but her hobby helps her to beat the blues… 

Molly says:
I'm thirteen and I found out two years ago that I have a heart condition and assorted complications. This  makes life complicated and difficult at times, and limits me too, because now there are many things I just cannot do. Instead of feeling fed up about all the things I couldn't do, I decided to focus on what I could…

I remember the first time I used a sewing machine; my mum used to make and sell craft items and I always loved the things she made, so we found a project to do together. It was a small stuffed owl and it wasn't complicated at all… although looking back now, I can see I have improved a lot since then! After that, I began to make little pincushions and owls for family members… I realised that I found sewing quite therapeutic.

One Christmas, my grandparents bought me a purple and blue John Lewis sewing machine, and I loved it. At high school I found out that one of my best friends had a mum who ran sewing classes. I started to attend these classes and my knowledge and skills improved. Within the first two lessons I had made bunting - it's still one of my favourite things to make as it doesn't take long and is very pretty once completed! I have been going to the lessons for two years now, and in that time I have made numerous items… a patchwork stuffed dog, a large owl cushion, a quilted make up bag and much, much more!

In the future I plan to keep sewing as a hobby, but I don't think I want to do it for a job as sometimes it can be stressful! I have had occasions when I've been upset because I'm not happy with how things turned out, but I suppose these things happen and practice makes perfect! I definitely recommend sewing as a hobby, though, as it can be so satisfying and rewarding. I believe everyone has something that makes them happy… whether it's sewing or something quite different like dancing or music, we all need a little escapism in life!

Cathy says:
I'm feeling pretty inspired myself, now! I love sewing, though I'm not the neatest crafter… oh, well! Do YOU have a hobby that makes you happy? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I don't think there needs to be a "uses" after Molly's name in the intro. Sorry.

    I totally agree with Molly that we all need a bit of escapism sometimes and it's great that she uses sewing to keep busy. I was never much of a sewer though - I made a carrier bag holder and a draught excluder in HE, both of which Mum threw away when we moved house. In fact, I didn't even sew together my dress project in Art in S4; I just pinned the fabric to the mannequin and hoped that it wouldn't fall apart. So sewing's not really my thing! I don't know what IS my thing. I read a lot but that's not creative. I can make a few things out of origami - I learned how to make a swan, a fox and a crane with working wings the other day and I'm hoping to learn more complex designs although when I made a cat, it looked like a penguin. But I'm no origami master. Still, I'm not musical and I can't dance or crochet or knit or paint so I suppose I shall accept the title of 'girl who's kind of good at origami unless you ask her to make a cat'.

  2. I do love knitting, although I'm quite clumsy and tend to drop stitches, so then I have to go and find someone to fix it for me!

  3. Unlike some, maths is my hobby - who else has maths as a hobby or an 'un-hobby'?

  4. My hobby is sewing. I also love art, writing, reading, cookery and ballet. I play the violin too, and learn French and Japanese

  5. Blue Whatersername I think you're very goo d at writing maybe that could be your 'thing'



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