Monday 1 June 2015


Readers tell us which of the Chocolate Box sisters is their favourite character… and what they have in common!

Emily says:
My favourite Chocolate Box Girls sister has to be Coco - I love the fact that she doesn't let other people put her down because of her passion for animals. She stands up for what she believes in and thinks about the animals first and her own safety second. Even though she is the youngest Tanberry sister, I actually think that Coco is more of a rebel than Honey. To sneak out in the middle of the night to rescue the ponies even though she knows it may be dangerous, as she does in the book COCO CARAMEL, is really very brave. She ignores the warning signs and goes for what is best for the ponies, and I really admire her courage. I'm not as brave or determined as Coco myself, but I do admire her… maybe we should all be a little more like Coco? It was lots of fun to dress up as Coco… and I posed looking through the branches of a tree, as that seemed very much her style!

Isabelle says:
I love the character of Cherry Costello because she is different and she does not care that she is different. She misses her mom so much and really wants to be part of a family - but fitting into life at Tanglewood is never going to be easy with Honey around! I got very involved with the book CHERRY CRUSH - Cherry really tries hard not to fall for Shay Fletcher but she cannot help it. I think she's really pretty, too! I identify with Cherry because I feel different too, and like Cherry I won't let that stop me. For me, it's because I am the only one in my class to have braces! It was fun to dress up as Cherry… I went for the whole 'Sakura' image, from the stories Cherry tells Shay. The parasol is from when my dad went to Japan for work, and the wig and costume were a Christmas present back when I was seven!

Sofia says:
Skye and I have a lot in common. I love vintage clothes, and I also love listening to stories… and I'm a tiny bit eccentric, too, just as Skye is! I love the Chocolate Box Girls series because the stories are linked together so cleverly, and each sister has a story to tell. The description of the chocolates is mouthwatering, too… I feel hungry when I read it! To style myself as Skye, I wore my most vintage-style dress and some spotty yellow wedge sandals that look quite 1950s. I wore my hair loose, as Skye often does, borrowed one of Mum's vintage bags and put on my cloche hat as Clara from MARSHMALLOW SKYE wears one. Mum gave me a bird hatpin which was a great finishing touch - it reminded me of when Skye is dreaming of Finch. I sat outside amongst the flowers and greenery, to give a suggestion of Tanglewood, and gazed away from the camera to look as though I was lost in a daydream of Finch…

Slaney says:
I like Honey because she is different and is not afraid of what people think of her. She may be a rebel, but once you have read SWEET HONEY you can tell that she is actually a really nice person underneath the moods and anger, it's just that she has been let down a lot in her life. She is not a bad person - just misunderstood. I think that in fact Honey is quite sensitive and maybe that is why she over-reacts to things. I identify with Honey as I am sensitive too, although I'd never act in the extreme ways she sometimes does! I am lucky enough to have long, straight hair (even though it's not blonde, like Honey's!) so I decided to style myself as an earlier version of the character… before she hacked off her hair at the end of the book CHERRY CRUSH! I had just been looking through my summer clothes before I made the picture - I picked out a bright summery dress that I thought would definitely be Honey's style! It's a pity I won't be wearing it to an Australian beach party, but you can't have everything!

Georgia says:
I absolutely love the Chocolate Box Girls series and I love all of the characters too - each sister has a story to tell! As much as I love them all, I do have a distinct favourite, and that's Summer. She's my favourite because I can relate to her the most! I am a dancer too - I love everything to do with dance. There is never a moment where I am not dancing, thinking about it or watching it. Although I haven't had my big break yet like Summer did, I am determined that it will happen - I won't give up until I achieve my dream. When I feel down, or something has really upset me, I dance and somehow I forget about my troubles and problems and lose myself in the music. We really do have a lot in common - I'd love to meet Summer if she were a real-life girl, because I think we'd definitely be friends! It was fun to style myself as Summer… leotard, tights, ballet shoes and a dance pose… simple!

Cathy says:
I LOVE this… it's as though my characters have come to life! I love to see how readers are identifying with the Chocolate Box sisters. Which sister are YOU most like? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. Did you mean:

    "But you can't' have everything" or "But you can have everything 'else"

    on the last line of the paragraph of what Slaney says.

    P.S. This post is fashion-tastic (not that I'm so fashion obsessed though, I'm more of a mathematics person . . .)

  2. Isabelle's section, it says "characters of Cherry Costello" and I do believe it should be singular. And in Slaney's section, it says "you can have everything". If only that were true! The phrase is 'You can't have everything'. I'm sorry! I know I shouldn't feel bad for pointing out errors but I do!

  3. I think I've said before that I find it really tricky to pick a favourite sister, because they are painted so differently in each of the books. However, there are aspects of each sister that I love. Cherry is so independent-she doesn't care about fitting in and she stays true to herself. Coco does this too, and she's such a friendly, kind person too. I would love to have Skye's style and dreamy nature, Summer's talent and determination, and Honey's strength in starting a new leaf in Sweet Honey. How can I choose!!!!

  4. I am definitely Skye. I am a vintage girl, dreamy, smiley, kind, caring and creative- I also love history and stories!! :)
    However there are bits of me in all the girls. I am a dancer and determined like summer, I care a lot about many causes and love animals like Coco, I am creative and enjoy writing and am quiet and quirky like Cherry, and I love art like Honey. So definitely Skye, maybe Coco or Cherry second equal.

  5. Omg I would die for hair like Slaney!<3 Hamdi:)xox

  6. I love all of the sisters because they are all so different!Each of them has something special about them

  7. my fav is honey because she is a rebel like me and I love her style !!!!!!!

  8. I think I'm like coco as she has great style and i also share her love for animals

  9. Mine is totally Cherry I like the sound of Japanese stuff I love how she is so sweet and creative and defensive for herself but I like Skye too because she is so unique eccentric and kind :)



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