Wednesday 3 June 2015


Reader Esther shares her recipe for making fab home-made bath bombs… how cool?

Esther says:
Everyone loves the novelty of fizzy bath bombs, but they can be expensive! Well, I'm here to solve your problems with a great recipe which will help you to make your own…

You will need:
100g bicarbonate of soda
35g citric acid (try Wilco or your local grocery store)
10ml fragnance
Dash of food colouring

1. Mix the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid together until the powder is mixed thoroughly.

2. Add a dash of food colouring - enough to get the shade you want. Stir the mixture quickly to prevent too much fizzing. Mix until the colour is blended evenly throughout the powder, avoiding any 'spots'.

3. Add the fragrance (this can be any perfume). Yet again, this may cause the mixture to fizz so stir quickly!

4. Add a little water. The recipe I used said not to add too much but it must be able to hold together in your hand - if it's still powdery, add a little more water. It will fizz when you add water so again, mix quickly… if it doesn't fizz, you've done something wrong!

5. Not many of us have bath bomb moulds, so try ice cube trays or chocolate moulds - I used heart-shaped ones! Make sure the moulds are dry because at this point you DON'T want them to fizz! Put the mixture into the moulds.

6. Place in the freezer for as long as it takes for the mixture to go solid.

7. Once they are frozen properly, remove from freezer, run a hot bath and enjoy your bath bombs!

Cathy says: 
Brilliant, Esther… I think I will be trying these! Have YOU got any cool craft ideas or recipes to share? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more!


  1. It should be 'your local grocery store' instead of "you local grocery store". And I think it should be 'fragrance' only because I've never heard of "fragnance" but I am uncultured so correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. Love making my own bath bombs but nothing can beat lush aha:D!

  3. omg so cool!!! what better way to spend a summer day in with some chocolate and a good book. asta lavista i'm going to make some now:)



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