Saturday 13 June 2015


Have you ever been to a music festival? Reader Marie has… but the happy memories turned to regret as soon as she got home...

Marie says:
I have friends who go to music festivals quite a bit, and I had always wanted to do something like that too. When my parents said that we could go as a family to a festival down on the south coast, I jumped at the chance. I thought it would be just like something out of the pages of Dizzy - that I might find my very own 'Finn'. And it was almost exactly like that.

We pitched our tent and went to explore, and the festival was just amazing - great stalls, wonderful food, fantastic music and everywhere you looked, interesting, cool people, all dressed to party and have fun. Before long, I made friends with a girl from one of the tents nearby, Aruna, and we went around together after that. My parents weren't as strict on bedtimes and rules as they were at home… suddenly, I had a lot more freedom.

I met Ryan on the second day. He was gorgeous… so good looking and really funny. And he seemed to be interested in ME. I felt different from the shy, quiet person I was at school… at the festival, with Aruna as my new friend, anything was possible. I felt myself falling for Ryan. I had my first kiss, and after that we went around as a threesome, Ryan, Aruna and I. We stayed out late and when I did get back to the tent I couldn't sleep because all I could think about was Ryan and how it had felt when we kissed. On the last day, we spent more time alone and talked about all kinds of things… I honestly felt I'd never met anyone who understood me as well as Ryan did. We kissed some more and promised to keep in touch after the festival. I could barely wipe the grin off my face for the whole journey home, and back at school I told all my friends about him.

There was no storybook romance, though, no happy ending for me and Ryan. He never answered my texts or calls, the emails I sent bounced back and when I tracked him down on Facebook and sent a friend request, he just ignored it. I thought it was a mistake… I couldn't believe he'd drop me like that, but he did. One thing that I did get from that festival was a new friendship, with Aruna. She was there to talk to and message and she understood how I was feeling, but the hurt was so sharp I genuinely wished I'd never met Ryan at all. Why would he make all those promises and then drop me like I didn't matter at all? I have learned the hard way that boys are not always what they seem, and that life is rarely like a storybook. It will take me a long time to trust again.

Picture posed by model Clara - thank you!

Cathy says:
Marie's experience is upsetting, but not unusual. Sometimes, a holiday romance that seems very real and very intense an fade away rapidly when real life routines return. Have YOU ever had your heart broken? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more...


  1. I don't believe in holiday romances because of the way they turn out when you're going to have to say goodbye and all that stuff. It brings tears and memories out.

  2. I once had a 'holiday romance' when I went on my first air cadet annual camp to RAF Halton. To be honest, I knew it wasn't going to work out: we were warned beforehand abut camp romances and the fact they don't last. We've stayed in contact though, which was something I didn't expect, and we're quite good friends (even if he has currently disappeared off to New Zealand on a gap year and did invite me!! :D)



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