Monday 22 June 2015


Readers tell us about their favourite CC characters - and how they've brought them to life as artwork!

Sarah says:
I love Cherry Costello from the Chocolate Box Girls series - she is so much like me! She loves using her imagination and making up stories, and like her I sometimes find it hard to separate fiction from reality. Cherry is different, but she is never afraid to be herself. I have also found it hard to fit in at new places - I have had to change school several times and have had to deal with several Kirsty McRae clones! I am happy that Cherry finds her place and becomes part of a proper family, even though she misses her mum. I have even come up with my own series inspired by the Chocolate Box Girls - I wish Cherry was my best friend! I loved drawing Cherry and gave her a t-shirt which says 'I love Japan' in Japanese, and a cherry necklace.
Trina says:
Summer Tanberry is a great character. She is a lively, understanding, bubbly girl who adores ballet. It's her hobby and talent and she cannot go too long without dancing, no matter what. She is determined and won't let anyone get in the way of her goals - her story is touching, different and unique. Many books depict girls who focus on boys, school and looks, but Summer has a different focus and this stays central throughout her story. I chose to draw Summer because her character fascinates me - she isn't perfect, but that's what makes her perfect! The drawing shows Summer looking at herself in the mirror and all she can see is darkness because her thoughts are dark. The thought bubble also shows that she is thinking dark thoughts about herself and why she can't achieve her dream.

Matilda says:
I can definitely relate to Honey Tanberry the best of all the sisters. I don't have four sisters, but my parents are divorced and I've never really been able to understand why. At the time, I shut the world out and I was very angry that everyone I loved was leaving me. Girls like me… like Honey… we aren't looking for trouble, we are just searching for some care, some love. But… I think we may be going about it in the wrong way. I drew Honey Tanberry because art is my favourite way to express myself - sometimes words just aren't enough, and of course with art, nobody is judging my spelling or my grammar!

Abigail says:
I love the character Indigo from the book INDIGO BLUE because she manages to get through such a tough time. She and her friend Jo do not always see eye to eye in the book, but no matter what happens they will always be best friends… their friendship is able to survive the challenges. I especially like Indigo because her way to feel safe is to daydream - she manages to stay strong by using her dream world to escape from reality. It's her safe place. I like her style, too - it's very different and imaginative, which made her great to draw! It was fun to bring her to life on paper. I'd like to improve my drawing and go on learning and practicing… I'm only twelve right now but one day in the future I'd love to write and illustrate my own books! I find the CC books very inspiring and I'd love to meet Cathy one day!

Cathy says:
I love these drawings… they really do bring my characters to life! Have YOU got a fave CC character? COMMENT BELOW to tell me who, and why - or send me a picture - I might include you in a future feature!

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  1. I can relate to dizzy a lot because I miss my mum and I find it very hard on my b-day because it reminds me of my mum a lot



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