Thursday 11 June 2015


More readers share their memories of meeting Cathy… 

Eden says:
I met Cathy at a book reading in Guernsey last year. She read a passage from COCO CARAMEL and talked about her books, and her life before becoming an author. The next day we went to another event of hers, which was aimed at younger children… Cathy read an extract from DAIZY STAR. After that, my mum and I did a writing workshop with her about writing for children… me and another teenage girl were the only children in the workshop, it was mostly adults. Cathy asked me to write something for the DREAMCATCHER blog, which I did, and I also got three of my favourite Cathy Cassidy books signed. Cathy was very friendly when I met her and I would love to see her again!

Beth says:
Don't you just love travelling? The airport, the waiting at security (OK maybe not that bit!) and boarding the plane? As I waited at security I had butterflies in my tummy; I had never been to a book festival before and wasn't sure what to expect. I was flying to Bath Children's Lit Fest to meet some of my favourite authors ever - like Cathy Cassidy - and I was worried that I'd end up doing something silly, forgetting how to speak or falling over on top of someone. (Wouldn't be the first time!) After what seemed like ages, we got on the plane - I was on the way to meet the people who had created my obsessions! The waiting was worth it; it turned out to be the best holiday ever!
Anna says:
I was very happy to meet the author Cathy Cassidy at the spring book fair in Montaigu in France. I have read all her books (well, all of the ones that are in French!) and I love them. It was COEUR COCO (COCO CARAMEL) which gave me the idea to help the pandas, as Coco did. I organized a cake sale. I raised a lot of money for the pandas in China. I got my whole school involved… and we raised 230 euros for the pandas. My fundraising got into the papers and also onto the World Wildlife Fund (France) Facebook pages. I was very proud, and it was so amazing to meet Cathy Cassidy and explain how her book had inspired me to do all of this!

Cathy says:
I absolutely love meeting my readers - every single one of them is inspiring ! Have YOU ever been to a book signing? COMMENT BELOW to have your say!


  1. I met cathy at a school and she signed my book !!

  2. Cathy came to visit my primary school quite a while ago now, and I still have the copy of Dizzy that she signed for me, albeit all dog eared and well thumbed through with pages falling out and slightly water damaged now I've had it for eight years and loved reading it!

    It's still one of my pocket 'carry-on' books that I shove in a coat pocket or my handbag so that I can read it on the go, and it's been with me throughout good times and bad, and provided an escape when real life became stressful and melancholy.

  3. hi Cathy Cassidy I don't know if you remember me I'm Victoria a girl who came to the girls school and you told me to blog you to tell you if I liked looking glass girl. I don't just like it I love it! :-)



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